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 Dec 11th 2016

Well today is my daughter's birthday, I won't embarrass her by telling her age, but she is soon to be a young grandmother. That will make me a Great Grandfather. I believe that Jan. 18th is the day. Hard to believe that my children's children are having babies. Anyway life goes on.

Looking over what I posted last year about this time; we attended eight out of the twelve I posted. S-Patrol (Los Angeles area) did the Desert Battle, Planes of Fame in Chino, and the Ft. Mac event. I along with several faithful troopers did the MVCC Camp Delta meet, participated in the parades in Seaside, Monterey on the 4th of July and the Veteran's day parade in Salinas.

The biggest event however was the MVPA Convention at the Alameda County Fair Grounds that was held on Aug.11th - 13th, where we garnered a first prize for the best display.

      I could not have accomplished this without the herculean efforts from many supporters, especially those volunteers from the "Eagle Field Foundation". Who were instrumental in bringing the trucks (yes both T-8 and T-9) were there, sprouting Vickers K guns on T-8 and twin 30's on T-9.

There are too many persons to mention and I would hate to miss mentioning one. But thanks to all of you who helped in any way.

   Now on to other subject; there were several new books that came out in 2015 and 2016 that those interested in the LRDG might want to add to their library. The first one is "Ghost Patrol" by John Sadler, there is a lot of previously published information in this book, delivered in a different manner.


 The next title is "The Men Who Made the SAS - The History of the Long Range Desert Group", by Gavin Mortimer. Gavin is a prolific writer of books that deal with Special Forces. He is currently working on another title about the LRDG that is supposed to be out in March 2017.

The last title is "Operation Agreement" by John Sadler, I enjoyed this much better than John's Ghost Patrol. I feel that there was more research and was better written. This covers the disastrous Tobruk Raid with the LRDG, S.I.G. and Commando Units on the ground and the Royal Navy from the sea.   



Here is a tentative schedule for 2017

 1.      As of this date the CHG as not scheduled a Desert Battle, but if they do we will post the date. S-Patrol

 2.      April 18th - 23th - MVCC "Camp Delta" - Has been moved to KOA Park at Petaluma, Ca. as the one at Lodi has been sold and is going under a renovation. We are hoping to return to that venue sometime in the future. I have reserved a lodge and a camp site for the vehicles.  T - Patrol

 3.      May 6th  - 7th  - Planes of Fame - Chino - S- Patrol 

 4.      June 23 - 24th - Monterey Rock & Rods - T-12 Jeep

 5.      July 2nd - Seaside Parade - T-12 Jeep

6.      July 4th - Monterey Parade - T-12 Jeep

7.   July 8th - 9th - Old Ft. MacArthur Days - S-Patrol          

9.      Aug. 18th - Pacific Grove Auto Rally - T-12 Jeep

10.  Sept. 21st - 27th - MVCC "Camp Delta" fall meet - I usually only attend the Board and General meetings on Fri. and Sat.

11.  Nov. 11th - Veterans Day Parade Salinas - T-12 Jeep


There may be some last minute changes and I will post them on the site and on Face Book.

 One last thing; I before I leave the scheduling; for the last several years, a friend that lives in Australia has been trying to get me to bring the truck to the New Zealand Consulate General Office, at 2425 Olympic Boulevard Santa Monica, CA. on ANZAC Day. Which is celebrated both in Australia and New Zealand on April 25th each year. In the past our MVCC meet always interfered but this year it looks like it might be possible.

 So after the MVCC Meet in Petaluma, if I can arrange transportation of the truck, I'll take it and my jeep there to celebrate ANZAC day. Hopefully those Troopers that live in the L.A. Basin will join me with their vehicles too.

Thanks for your support.

 Jack, Kim, Rick and all of the members of the LRDG Preservation Society 




LRDG Newsletter

Nov 30th 2015

   Well there has been a lot of activity this year with the LRDG Preservation Society year. T-Patrol attended eight different venues and S-Patrol attended at least four that I know of. (Two desert battles in California City, Planes of Fame in Chino and Ft. MacArthur Days). S-Patrol always has had a better attendance at their events as they have more Troopers in the area. I usually have a few dedicated Troopers that show up and support our efforts here in the northern part of the state.

  There have been some challenges this year also; our original long time LRDG fitter and builder of T-8 (Rick) has had some health challenges this past year. He was recently hospitalized for a �gallstone attach�. What is more important is that his memory and mental acuity is noticeably deteriorating. He therefore has been unable physically to continue any work on the T-9 Radio truck; so I had to make some tough decision. Either to abandon the project completely; pay big bucks to have someone else finish it, or lastly turn the project over to someone interested enough to finish it.

   So after much consideration I decided that I did not currently have the financial ability to pay someone to finish it and was abhorred to just abandon it; so that left me with the last choice, to see if I could find someone with enough interest and commiserate people with the skills and funds to complete the project.  

   I approached several over a period of several months that showed interest but they were heavily involved in several other projects and were unable to complete it in time for the MVPA Convention, next Aug 11th-13th, which was one of my conditions. I finally found just the �outfit�; that has the people and finances to complete T-9. 

   Doug Boales is the President of Eagle Field Foundation. Eagle Field is a former 1942 Army Air Force Training base which is located in Firebaugh, Ca. which is just south of Dos Palos, and Los Banos, California. Currently it has the only original large wooden hanger from that era in the United States. Doug primary interest is in Post WW II Armour; he has worked in the past closely with Jacques Littlefield and the Littlefield Museum and has extensive mechanical abilities and talented people to assist him. If anyone would like to assist him in the project I�m sure he would appreciate any help. Let me know and I will see that you can contact him.  

   He has taken both trucks to Eagle Field on the weekend of Nov 28th; to do some much needed repairs and repaint T-8 in time for the April Tower Park event; and then finish T-9 in time for the MVPA Convention in August 11-13th.

   With all that said I would like to strongly encourage others in California, Oregon, Washington and any other part of the world that has a LRDG, S.A.S and P.P.A. style jeeps to plan on attending the convention. We have already picked out a flat area for our display and will hopefully setting up our largest desert display ever. And those without vehicles are also invited to attend in appropriate LRDG desert attire.







Now for a tentative schedule of 2016 events:  

1.      March TBA � CHG Desert Battle � Most likely back to Stoddard Valley  (TBA) S  Patrols

2.      April 17th - 24th � MVCC �Camp Delta� � Tower Park, Lodi, Ca. I have reserved three camp sites and there should be plenty of room for all of us. T - Patrol

3.      May TBA - Planes of Fame � Chino � S� Patrols  

4.      May 26th � 28th � ATHS Convention � Salem, Or. ?

5.      June 19th � 20th � Hollister Air Show � T-12 Jeep                                      

6.      July 3rd - Seaside Parade of Champions � T-12 Jeep          

7.   July 4thMonterey Parade � T-12 Jeep

8.   July 9-10th Anniversary of Ft. MacArthur - S-Patrol          

9.      Aug. 11th -13th � MVPA Convention at Alameda County Fair Grounds

10.  Aug. 29th � War Birds over Paso Robles � T-12 Jeep

11.  Sept. 19th � 27th � MVCC �Camp Delta� fall meet � I usually only attend the Board and General meetings on Fri. and Sat.

12.  Nov. 11th � Veterans Day Parade Salinas � T-12 Jeep


There may be some last minute changes and I will post them on the site and /or on the Facebook site.  One last thing; I (we) would like to wish all of you a Merry Christmas and a Happy & Prosperous New Year.


Thanks for your support.

Jack, Kim, Rick and all of the members of the LRDG Preservation Society 



LRDG Newsletter

Dec 13th 2014

  I cannot believe that another year has �galloped by�. I have been real negligent in having posted to the web site the events of this past year, but will see if we can get caught up. 

Just like last year; there are several new books out that you might be interested in adding to your library. The first one is �Operation Salam� which was a 1942 WW II military operation organized by the Abwehr under the command of the Hungarian desert explorer Laszlo Almasy (pronounced Al Massie). The mission was conceived in order to assist Panzer Army Africa by delivering two German spies into British-held Egypt. Written by authors Kuno Gross (author of several other books); Michael Rolke (author of �Germans in the Sahara� about the Sonderkommando Dora; and Andras Zboray (Desert Expedition Organizer - ). I have just started reading it so can�t give you much information at this time.


The next has been recently released and is titled �The Eyes of the Desert Rats� by David Syrett. David and I had some correspondence several years ago when he was working on his book and he sent me a copy of the unpublished manuscript with all of the scratch outs and corrections. I read it then but I�m waiting for my copy to arrive (I asked for it for Christmas). The sad part is that David has passed away and his wife is the one that got it published after his death.



Now for a tentative schedule of 2015 events:

 1.      March 14th � 16 � CHG Desert Battle � California City or Stoddard Valley (TBA) S  Patrols

2.      April 22nd - 26th � MVCC �Camp Delta� � Tower Park, Lodi, Ca. I have reserved three camp sites and there should be plenty of room for all of us. T - Patrol

3.      May 2nd � 3rd - Planes of Fame � Chino � S & Y � Patrols  

4.  May 15th � 16th � Monterey Rock & Rods � T-12 Jeep

5.  May 30th � 31st Castroville Artichoke Festival Parade T�12 Jeep TBA                                              

6.      June 20th � 21st � Hollister Air Show � T-12 Jeep           

7.   July 4th � Monterey Parade � T-12 Jeep

8.   July Date TBA Anniversary of Ft. MacArthur -  S  Patrol          

9.      Aug. 14th � Pacific Grove Concourse � T-12 Jeep

10.  Aug. 29th � War Birds over Paso Robles � T-12 Jeep

11.  Sept. 21st � 27th � MVCC �Camp Delta� fall meet � I usually only attend the Board and General meetings on Fri. and Sat.

12.  Nov. 11th � Veterans Day Parade Salinas � T-12 Jeep


There may be some last minute changes and I will post them on the site.

 One last thing; I (we) would like to wish all of you a Merry Christmas and a Happy & Prosperous New Year.


Thanks for your support.

 Jack, Kim, Rick and all of the members of the LRDG Preservation Society 




Dec 3rd 2013

  Well before I start into next�s year�s schedule, I would like to mention several new books that have been recently relisted.

The first is titled �Swastika over the Aegean� it is a photographic record of events that occurred in and around the Dodecanese Islands in the autumn of 1943. Those events resulted in the last decisive German victory of the Second World War. The British & Dominion forces and their new Italian allies were subjected to a resounding defeat; the 234 Infantry Brigade ceased to exist and key Aegean islands remained under German occupation until the final Allied victory. 

The Eastern Aegean was the setting for a series of German air-sea landings, something not normally associated with the Wehrmacht. German infantry carried out beach assaults and, unusually, Fallschirmj�ger were deployed in their intended role as paratroopers, more than two years after sustaining frightful losses in Crete. Both sides relied on air and naval forces, as well as conventional and unconventional ground forces. German paratroopers were drawn from the Luftwaffe and Division Brandenburg; the latter also fielded coastal raiders and assault troops. The Allies had on call a battalion of The Parachute Regiment, several infantry battalions, and Raiding Forces, which included the Long Range Desert Group, Special Boat Squadron, Commandos and Ieros Lohos (Greek Sacred Squadron).

This limited edition book is published in commemoration of the 70th anniversary of the battle for the Dodecanese and features more than 500 images including; rare wartime documents, some 350 wartime photographs, and color photographs of the islands today.

The author is Anthony Rogers, who is no neophyte to the battles in the Dodecanese Islands, his first book was the well received �Churchill�s Folly� published in 2003. 

 Available at�������.for �29.99 Euros. Plus postage  Click here for more photos.


The second is about earlier desert activities during WW I. The title is �The Light Car Patrol 1916-19 �. Based on Captain Claud Williams� memoir he tells, first-hand, what it was like to be a Light Car Patrol commander during the First World War, while Russell McGuirk�s commentary provides the historical background to the formation of the Patrols and follows their activities from the British raid on Siwa Oasis to desert exploration and survey work and the Kufra Reconnaissance Scheme. Lavishly illustrated with original photographs from Light Car officers, this combined memoir and history provides a fascinating and informative picture of an unsung hero of the desert � the Model T Ford.

This title is available from Amazon at $34.19.


  Also in case you didn�t know it the �LRDG� has made the big time, as there is now a �Lego� version.


I also have a new supply of LRDG & New Zealand shoulder flashes available for $15.00 per set plus $1.00 Postage in the U.S.


Now for next year�s events: as you can see there are a number of events both in Southern California and in Central California. Here�s hoping that you will take the opportunity to join us at one of these events. You can always e-mail me at for the latest update on any event.


  1. March - TBA � CHG Desert Battle � California City  S & T Patrols 

  2.  April 11th � Pacific Grove Good Old Days Parade T- Patrol 

  3.  April 23rd � 27th � MVCC �Camp Delta� � Tower Park, Lodi, Ca. I have reserved three camp sites and there should be plenty of room all of us. T - Patrol 

  4.  May 2nd � 4th - Planes of Fame � Chino � S & Y � Patrols 

  5.  May 9th � 10th - West Coast Military Collectors Show; Pomona, Ca  Fairgrounds � Y Patrol

  6.  May 16th � 18th � Overland Expo � Flagstaff, Az. (Maybe � they invited us last year and may do so again.

  7.  May 24th -25th � Hollister Air Show � T-12 Jeep

  8.  May 26th � Arcadia Park Memorial Event � Y-Patrol

  9.  May 31st � June 1st � Castroville Artichoke Festival Parade? T�12 Jeep

  10. July 4th � Monterey Parade � T-12 Jeep

  11.  July 5th � or 6th - Seaside Parade of Champions. T-12 Jeep

  12.  July 12th � 14th � 100th Anniversary of Ft. MacArthur -  S & Y Patrol  

  13.  July 16th � 20th � War & Peace Show �As a spectator, more info later.

  14.  Aug. 9th � 1940�s Event San Jose, Ca. � T-12 Jeep

  15.  Aug. 16th � Pacific Grove Concourse � T-12 Jeep 

  16.  Sept. 13th � 17th � Monterey, Ca. Cherries Jubilee - T-Patrol 

  17.  Sept 28th - War Birds over Paso Robles � T-12 Jeep 

  18. Nov. 11th � Veterans Day Parade Salinas � T-12 Jeep


One last thing; I (we) would like to wish all of you a Merry Christmas and a Happy & Prosperous New Year.

 Thanks for your support.


Jack, Kim, Rick and all of the members of the LRDG Preservation Society 



Yes Jerry there really is a Santa Claus�

(Or perhaps something even greater)

On 10/23/11 one of our life members Jerry Finney lost his older brother Jeff after years of fighting various medical issues. Jerry loved his brother and they were very close. Both shared an extreme interest in everything military and both loved Historical Re-enactment.

Jeff was not able to get out much but treasured the moments he was able to go to an event. Jeff loved everything military including sharing Jerry�s love for the L.R.D.G.

In 2010 Jeff bought a jeep, a 1943 GPW. It was is in good shape and Jeff planned to work on it when he could with guidance from Jerry and help from friends. Even throughout the years of extreme illness the jeep was always a spark in Jeff�s eye and he was very proud of it.

Now I don�t want to get into Jerry�s family history to much, all that is really necessary to understand this story is that over the years like in many families issues arise, situations pop up, some members of our families do seemingly ridiculous things we really don�t understand and on some occasions bad feelings can ruin a close family. No matter what took place Jerry and his brother remained very close to the end.

When Jeff passed away the jeep fell into the hands of In-laws. It became obvious right from the start that they had no intension of passing the jeep to Jerry but would go out of their way to make sure that he was never able to obtain it. The jeep was advertised on Craig�s list and would only be sold to an �out of state buyer�.

Without going into all the details I believe you can start to get a picture of what was happening and it was very plain to see that these Scrooge�s would do all they could to make sure the jeep did not fall into Jerry�s hands or anyone who new Jerry.

Yes Jerry there really is a Santa Clause� and I certainly believe something much greater was at work here.

The jeep was listed for $13,000, way over priced. They dropped the price once, twice four times until it was down to $44500.00 and �SOLD� to a man who knew absolutely nothing about what had gone on over the past few months with Jerry and his brother�s jeep. Now I am not sure what happened to the idea of only selling it out of state but apparently there were no takers and they sold it to the first person who had cash.

Now this person who had the $4450.00 to spend on the jeep planned on flipping it really fast and he did. The day after the first gentleman bought the jeep he re-sold it to another gentleman.

On 9/21/12 Jerry got a phone call from his good neighbor across the street informing Jerry to �hurry up and get home you have to see the jeep I bought�. When Jerry arrived home he could see that his neighbor was now the lucky owner of a, you guessed it a 1943 GPW. Now Jerry�s neighbor knowing that Jerry loved jeeps and all things military could not wait to show it off to Jerry. Upon first glance Jerry asked the year, �a 1943 GPW� the neighbor told him. Jerry replied �man this looks just like my brothers old jeep�. As Jerry began to inspect the jeep he soon realized that not only did this jeep look like his brothers it is his brothers. Jerry asked to see the pink slip and sure enough Scrooge�s name was on the pink slip. Jerry almost fell over backwards as he realized his brother�s jeep was, through some strange twist of fate now parked across the street from Jerry�s own house. Jerry began to tell the neighbor all about the twisted story and the neighbor could not believe his ears. At the end of the conversation Jerry asked his neighbor what his plans for the jeep were �I am going to flip it� he said �I hope to make a few thousand on the deal�. Jerry then asked �how much would he be willing to sell it for�, $7500.00 the neighbor replied but if you (Jerry) want to buy it I will lower my expectations and sell it to you at a much better price as it should go to you Jerry�.

Jerry began a phone campaign and within a day there was pretty much a �Buy the jeep back for Jerry� telethon happening. Jerry was able to raise the cash between himself and a few shall we say guardian angels and within two weeks of his neighbor buying the jeep not knowing anything at all about its sorted history, the jeep Jerry and his brother worked on for a number of years, the jeep that a few people with a problem swore would never get to Jerry, a jeep which seemly refused to be sold to anyone except who it should have went to in the first place is now you guessed it, in Jerry�s garage and I know that Jerry�s brother is watching all of this with the biggest smile anyone has ever seen.


Jerry has been one of my right arms since forming S Patrol and a valued friend. He goes to every event. I can�t think of anyone I know who deserves something great like this to happen to more than Jerry.

On a more personal note: seeing and hearing all that has happened in the way that it happened leaves me to say only this in closing, Jerry for get about Santa Claus you will always have your brother who�s spirit I believe has made this happen for both of you and that there must be a higher power some where even if we don�t always hear or see it, it�s there and this story is proof of it�s existence.

Congratulations to you and your brother may you drive your jeep in good health and good fun.



LRDG Newsletter

Dec. 15th 2012

Well if you find yourself on this page you must have read the touching story of Jerry and his brother�s jeep (see above or below � not sure where the web master put it). Although Jerry is a LRDG Preservation Society Life Member, I have only had the pleasure of his company three times in the last three years. I remember the first time when he was still �Jerry the German� at Marching Thru History in Oct. 2009 when we won him over from �the Dark Side� to the LRDG Preservation Society. He just couldn�t stop talking about the LRDG and his fascination with them. Then the Desert Battle in April 2010 and again at the Marching Thru History Event in Oct. 2011. He has this way of putting on either British or Australian accent that is most uncanny. I have always wished that I could do that. It�s nice to see that things do work out and I am looking forward to seeing his jeep at one of our joint events in the near future.

Another LRDGPS member Dan Piedimonte has all but completed his jeep, with just a few details to finish it up. I think he is waiting for a set of K-guns that Kim is working on, other than that from what I understand it is California Registered and ready to hit the road (so to speak).

He has done it up as a G-Patrol version, something that I am sure Capt. Alastair Timpson would have been proud to ride in. If you don�t know who Capt. Alastair Timpson is, then you are not a true fan of the LRDG.

With all the flurry of vehicle construction going on, I would like to report that Ricks has indicated to me that he plans to have the T-9 (Radio) truck completed for the MVPA Portland Convention in July. Now this vehicle was to have been completed for the 2008 Convention but the death of his Mom and subsequent events over her estate had set him back. But he has assured me that this is his top priority. As all of the parts are there, assembly is all that is required.

I have been conspiring with Kim on our 2013 LRDGPS events schedule; there is quite a list, hope that we can attend most if not all of them.

  1. Jan. 26th � Salinas Rotary Event Salinas � Static display T-12 Jeep

  2. March 8th � 10th � CHG Desert Battle � California City S & T Patrols

  1. April 6th � Riverside Air Show � I have suggested this for S-Patrol as it is a one day event, much too far for us to attend for the one day. S-Patrol

  1. April 13th � Pacific Grove Good Old Days Parade T- Patrol

  1. April 17th � 21st � MVCC �Camp Delta� � Tower Park, Lodi, Ca. I have reserved four camp sites and there should be plenty of room all of us. T-Patrol

  1. May 3rd � 5th � Planes of Fame � Chino � S-Patrol

  1. May 25th � Arcadia Park Memorial Event � S-Patrol

  2. May 30th � June 1st � American Truck Historical Society Convention at Yakima, WA. T-Patrol

  3. June 30th or July 7th � Seaside Parade of Champions. Date TBA T-12 Jeep

  4. July 4th � Monterey Parade � T-12 Jeep (I would recommend that S-Patrol do a parade in the L.A. area)

  5. July 12th � 14th � Fort MacArthur � S-Patrol (T-Patrol will be getting ready for Portland)

  6. July 25th -27th � MVPA Convention Portland, Or. � Planning to set up a display as we did back in the 2008 Convention. T-8 /T-9 Trucks & T-12 Jeep and any others.

  7. Aug. 16th � Pacific Grove Concourse � T-12 Jeep

  1. Aug 24th � 25th Thunder over the Valley � Santa Maria

  2. Sept. 12th � 16th � Monterey, Ca. Cherries Jubilee - T-Patrol

  1. Sept 28th - War Birds over Paso Robles � T-12 Jeep

  1. Oct. � Marching Thru History � Rumor has it is that this will be reinstated this year at a new location; date TBA.

  2. Nov. 11th � Veterans Day Parade Salinas � T-12

  3. Nov. 26th � Yreka Parade � T-8

We are also planning a LRDGPS member�s weekend only; looking at either June or early Sept. would like member input. Also in October we will be expecting a visit from our member Grant (Thomo) Thomson; I currently do not have the dates of his arrival.

One last thing; I (we) would like to wish all of you a Merry Christmas and a Happy & Prosperous New Year.

Thanks for your support.

Jack, Kim & Rick


LRDG Newsletter 

Aug 8th 2012

  Well 2012 is almost two-thirds over. There are still a number of events before we
finish out 2012. On a personal note my health has been much better. Now some of the
prescription drugs that I used to dispense in my professional career seem to be now
working well on me.
  One of the jeeps that I was involved in �brokering� sold to one of our own LRDGPS
Life Members. Unfortunately it is being shipped out of the country to Canada; so we
won�t see it in one of our local Patrols. Since it is an early 1941 slat grill, I am not sure
if he is going to keep it original or convert it to a LRDG configuration. Well see when it
gets delivered in Canada what he plans to do with it. We can hope that he will send some photos. He is no novice to Military Vehicle restoration as he already has a Bren Carrier plus a CMP truck that I know of.

  We had a small presence at the CHG Desert Battle back in March, but they were on
foot as I had my son here from New Hampshire and Kim couldn�t make it either, so none of the vehicles were present. I did make the Good Old Days Pacific Grove Parade on April 14th; with my local LRDGPS Trooper John Dick and his wife Jackie as my crew.

  Rick made it down for the MVCC �Camp Delta� meet in Lodi (with the truck) and
I was there with the jeep. John Dick was again part of my crew and Kevin came all the
way from Arizona to be part of Rick�s crew. The �Brass in the Grass� event was canceled by the promoters. S- Patrol had a good event at the Chino � Planes of Flame in mid Mayand picked up another Life Member (Dan Piedimonte) who has just recently bought a jeep and plans to do it up as a LRDG vehicle � Patrol to be determined.

  For photos and After Action Report on this event see
I was out of the country for all of the May 19/20 events; we were invited to Cancun
by my Brother-in-law and I just couldn�t say no. I also missed the Marine BBQ as I was at my Grandsons graduation in New Hampshire and gone most of June. I managed to redeem myself by doing two parades (locally) one in Seaside, Ca. on July 1st and the second on July 4th in Monterey, Ca.; again supported by my local Life Member; �Gunner John Dick�. Both of these parades had been cancelled last year.
  While I was attending the parades, S-Patrol was preparing for the Fort MacArthur
Days. Again from the many photos and the After Action Report it was another success;
and another Life Member was added (Don Roof).
  On the International level; back in March (remember that is there Autumn down
under) there was an event in Matamata, New Zealand where there were at least two
LRDG vehicles present; the S-5 Radio Truck is owned by Ross Hopkins (Hamilton, NZ)

  The LRDG jeep is owned by Brett Curtis from ------------ ; and that is Brendan
O�Carroll (author of The Kiwi Scorpions) as the Bren gunner.

  Then about two weeks later at the Corowa, Australia event one of our LRDG Life
Members (Hartley Stevens) � I actually think it was his son took their R-2 truck (15 cwt).
  Note that he is wearing his LRDGPS patch on his uniform.

  For the rest of the year I have listed below the proposed events that we plan to
participate in. I�ll work with Kim on the schedule for 2013 and post it soon.

1. August 18th - Pacific Grove, Ca - Concourse Auto Rally �T� Patrol
2. August 24th � 26th � CHG Italian Battle � Holcomb Valley � Kim will be doing a
PPA impression for this event
3. Sept. 12th � 16th � Monterey, Ca. Cherries Jubilee �T� Patrol Truck & Jeep
4. Oct. � Marching Thru History - CANCELLED
5. Nov. 11th � Veteran�s Day Parade � Somewhere
6. Nov. 15th � 19th � Big Reno Gun Show events/fall-show.html
7. Nov. 24th � Crossroads of the West Gun Show � �S� Patrol

Thanks for your support.

Jack, Rick & Kim



Newsletter for LRDG Preservation Society Dec. 2nd  2011


 This year has had it�s �up�s and down�s�, both personally and with the Preservation Society. There were several events that the �truck� did not make it as the �tow vehicle� developed problems and Rick; either had to do a turn around or make infield repairs and subsequently missed the event.

On a personal level; I have had several health issues develop since May of this year, I have been working with the Doctors on them and have tried not to let it interfere with the LRDGPS events. However a visit to the Emergency Room negated my attending the Desert Battle in September. I was able to attend the Marching Thur History event later the month.  

We had a visit from our Life Member Grant Thomson (and his family) from New Zealand late Sept until mid Oct. They joined us at the Marching Thur History event, covered Disney Land , San Diego Zoo, the Grand Canyon, Las Vegas , Monterey and San Francisco before they went back to New Zealand .

I am currently involved in �brokering� for sale a couple of local jeeps. If anyone is interested let me know at  and I�ll forward photos and specific information as to price etc.


 Below is a tentative schedule for 2012 which is starting a little earlier than in the past. � These are not all set in stone and there may be other events that come up during the year that we may decide to attend; notice there is a �bevy of events� on the weekend of May 19th � 20th. I haven�t decided which to attend so I have listed them all.


1.     Jan, 23rd � Feb. 16th � Hawaii � Personal Vacation Jack

2.     March 18th � 19th � CHG Desert Battle at Stoddard Valley � Barstow Area �S� & �T� Patrol

3.     March 25th � April 5th � Tulsa Gun Show � Personal Jack

4.     April 14th � Pacific Grove Good Old Days Parade � �T � Patrol

5.     April 15th to 22nd  � Lodi , Ca. � MVCC Camp Delta �T� Patrol

6.     May 6th � Brass in the Grass � �T� Patrol

7.     May � 14th � 15th -   Chino , Ca. � Planes of Fame �S� Patrol

8.     May � 19th � 20th � Marin Sonoma Concours d�Elegance � �T� Patrol

9.     May 19th � 20th � Monterey Rock & Rod Festival

10. May 19th � Estrella Warbird Museum :

11. May 20th Castroville, Ca. � Artichoke Festival Parade 

12. June � Date TBS - Toro Park Monterey - Marine Corps Barbeque �T� Patrol

13. July 4th � Parade somewhere. Last year Monterey �s and Seaside �s were cancelled.

14. July 7th � 8th  � San Pedro, Ca. � Old Ft. MacArthur Days; �S� & �T� Patrol

15. August � Date TBA � Tustin , Ca. � Spirit of 45 Event  �S� Patrol

16. August 18th - Pacific Grove , Ca - Concourse Auto Rally or �T� Patrol

17. August 17th to 19th  � Laguna Seca � Rolex Monterey Motorsport Reunion

18. Sept. � Date TBA � Monterey , Ca. Cherries Jubilee �T� Patrol

19. Sept. � Date TBA � Another CHG Desert Battle ? �S� & �T� Patrol

20. Oct. � Date TBA � Prado Park , Chino , Ca. � Marching Thru History �S� & �T� Patrol

21. Nov. 11th � Veteran�s Day Parade � Somewhere

22. Nov. 15th � 19th � Big Reno Gun Show

23. Nov. 24th � Crossroads of the West Gun Show � �S� Patrol



Thanks for your support.

 Jack, Rick & Kim


Newsletter for LRDG Preservation Society, Oct 2010

I am currently working on next year�s events schedule. We had some last minute changes in our August attendance. I passed on the Pacific Grove Auto Rally because the MVCC had been invited to the �Rolex Motorsport Event� at Laguna Seca raceway. I spent several weeks; between my European River Cruise and the War & Peace Show, trying to round up members to bring their vehicles to that event as we only had a short time to arraign the event. We ended up with a total of nine vehicles, which was a pretty good turn out of local members.

Earlier in the year we attended the CHG Desert Battle, MVCC Tower Park, the American Historical Truck Society truck show, the Marine Corps League BBQ, and the Seaside 4th of July Parade � which we took 1st prize in the MV category. Look for photos of those events here .

We had the �S-Patrol� (Southern California) unit represent us at the Ft. MacArthur event which was a new event for the LRDGPS; unfortunately Rick and I were in England at the time attending the War & Peace Show. Be sure to read Kim�s Ft. MacArthur �After Action Report� also under �New Photos�.

Kim has also concluded his article on the Breda �gas gun�; which they used at this years Marching Thru History event; so be sure to check out the �LRDG tool box� section.

In August & Sept. we did back to back events here in Monterey with both the truck and jeep in attendance � the first was held at Leguna Seca and the second in Sept. was Cherry�s Jubilee which we have done several years in a row. Some photos of both events are also included.

It has not been all peaches and cream this year as we lost a good friend (Ray Mayeri) who was a constant supporter of the LRDGPS, and our good friend George Sicre had to have surgery for a brain tumor (currently convalescing and doing well).


 Below is a tentative schedule for the rest of 2010 and all of 2011 � these are not all set in stone and there may be other events that come up that we may decide to attend:


  1. Nov. 11th - San Jose , Ca. � Veteran�s Day Parade � LRDG Jeep
  2. Nov. 26 or 27th � Costa Mesa , Ca. � Cross Roads of the West Gun Show attended by �S Patrol� � one day only � not sure which.
  3. Nov. 27th Yreka, Ca. � Christmas Parade � LRDG Truck  
  4. April 20 to 24th � Lodi , Ca. � MVCC Camp Delta � LRDG Truck & Jeep
  5. April � Date TBA � Stoddard Valley , Barstow , Ca. California Historical Group Desert Battle .
  6. May 13th � 15th Chino , Ca. � Planes of Fame �S Patrol�.
  7. May 22nd Castroville, Ca. � Artichoke Festival Parade � LRDG Jeep  
  8. June � Date TBS - Toro Park Monterey - Marine Corps Barbeque � LRDG Jeep
  9. July 4th � Seaside , Ca. � Parade of Champions � LRDG Jeep
  10. July 9th � 10th San Pedro, Ca. � Old Ft. MacArthur Days � �S Patrol�
  11. August � Date TBA � Tustin , Ca. � Spirit of 45 Event  - �S Patrol�
  12. August 19th - Pacific Grove , Ca - Concourse Auto Rally or
  13. August 19th to 21st � Laguna Seca � Rolex Monterey Motorsport Reunion
  14. Sept. � Date TBA � Monterey , Ca. Cherries Jubilee
  15. Oct. � Date TBA � Prado Park , Chino , Ca. � Marching Thru History

Thanks for your support!

Jack, Rick, and Kim


Newsletter for LRDG Preservation Society, July 2010

"In Memory to Ray Mayeri - April 20th 1951 to June 28th 2010"

I have lost a strong supporter, friend and life member of the LRDG Preservation Society.....

Ray Mayeri pass away suddenly on June 28th.
He had undergone some surgery for sleep apnea on the morning of the 21st. I received an e-mail from him on the 23rd and he said he was pain free and doing nicely. He was looking forward to our next outing which was July 4th.  I called him the other day to make sure he was coming and didn't get a response. Now I know why. His nephew called today with the bad news. At this point in time I, nor the family, know the cause of his death.
Ray was also a big "Popski" fan. He was a writer by trade and had written a screen play on Popski's WW II activities. As soon as he was moved into his remodeled home (which is almost done) he was going to see if he could get someone to produce it.
Attached are a couple of photos of Ray when he attended some events with me.
2005 Cherries.jpg (13158 bytes)2005 Cherries Poker Run.jpg (41155 bytes)2008 Cherries.jpg (87444 bytes)2009 Cherries.jpg (52835 bytes)2009 Morgan Hill.jpg (147246 bytes) 
I will truly miss him and all the support he gave me and the Society.  

Below is a tentative schedule of spring and summer activities:


1.      March 27th � Riverside Air Show � May be Kim could make this his first event.

2.      April 5th  � 14th � Tulsa Gun Show - Personal

3.      April 15th �19th � California Historical Group � Desert Battle

4.      April 22nd � 25th � MVCC Annual Tower Park Meet �

5.      April 29th � May 3rd � Pennsylvania Trip - Personal

6.      May 16th � Castroville 51st Artichoke Parade

7.      May 26th � 30th � American Truck Historical Society National Convention Alameda County Fairgrounds

8.      June 12th �  Marine Corps Barbeque � Toro Park Monterey

9.      July 4th Morgan Hill Parade

10.    July 5th � Seaside Parade of Champions

11.    July 10th � 11th � Old Fort MacArthur Museum Days


12.    July 19th � England � War & Peace Show -

13.    Aug. 13th � Pacific Grove Concours Auto Rally  (web page has not been updated as of Feb. 16th 2010)

Thanks for your support!
Jack and Rick
LRDG Preservation Society


It seems like every one of my newsletters starts off with �We had a great last year�. Well this update is a little later than usual but I can say that 2009 was one of those great years too. And we are all looking forward to 2010 being as good as or greater than the last few years have been.   

In the last update I told all about the Chino �Marching Thru History Event� and all though it was a terrific event and everyone of our group had a wonderful time participating; I personally have been disappointed in the fact that we have never received our award for �Best Vehicles� at the event; although I have been promised many times in the last 5 months that it was on its way.   

Not much happened after the Marching Thru History Event, however I did take the jeep to a local �Bantam� show in Carmel Valley . It was there I was able to see a perfect recreation of the first prototype Bantam and one of the production models. For those who may not know, Bantam was one of the first company�s to submit a vehicle to the U.S. Army for consideration as their � ton truck. Of the approximately 3000 that the Bantam company produced many of them saw military service. There are many documents in my LRDG archives where �jeeps� are referred to as Bantams, even though they were actually referring to the Willy�s (or Ford) Jeeps. I know of no Bantam�s that were used by the LRDG or S.A.S. but do have photos that show them in use in North Africa and Russia .  If you are interested in seeing photos of these unique vehicles, drop me an e-mail.

Now for some �really� good news; about Dec. 15th, I received an e-mail from a friend in the East Bay area, wishing me a Merry Christmas, and �Oh buy the way I would like to sell my S.A.S. jeep�.  I have been aware of this vehicle for some time as it was offered to me about 3 years ago by a collector from Wisconsin . Well I knew that Kim Calvert was actively looking for a jeep to convert to LRDG configuration and thought that I might put the two of them together.  After many, many e-mails back and forth we (all three of us) came to terms. Kim and I have bought the vehicle (50-50). So now the LRDGPS has three vehicles in its stable. Some photos below; I picked it up on Jan 16th and will be delivering it to Kim (he gets to keep it in his garage) on Feb. 19th.  Now with three vehicles, one in Northern Ca., one in Central Ca. and the third in Southern Ca. we should be capable of attending more events throughout the state.

 Picture 183 a.jpg (126043 bytes)Picture 184a mod.jpg (129199 bytes)Picture 185 a mod.jpg (66550 bytes)Picture 186.jpg (298543 bytes)S.A.S. Jeep 2010.jpg (136622 bytes)


 Below is a tentative schedule of spring and summer activities:


1.      March 27th � Riverside Air Show � May be Kim could make this his first event.

2.      April 5th  � 14th � Tulsa Gun Show - Personal

3.      April 15th �19th � California Historical Group � Desert Battle

4.      April 22nd � 25th � MVCC Annual Tower Park Meet �

5.      April 29th � May 3rd � Pennsylvania Trip - Personal

6.      May 16th � Castroville 51st Artichoke Parade

7.      May 26th � 30th � American Truck Historical Society National Convention Alameda County Fairgrounds

8.      June 12th �  Marine Corps Barbeque � Toro Park Monterey

9.      July 4th Morgan Hill Parade

10.    July 5th � Seaside Parade of Champions

11.    July 10th � 11th � Old Fort MacArthur Museum Days


12.    July 19th � England � War & Peace Show -

13.    Aug. 13th � Pacific Grove Concours Auto Rally  (web page has not been updated as of Feb. 16th 2010)


I have included some web sites to those events that list them, so you can further explore the event. Regarding the California Historical Group Desert Battle, we are planning to attend with both jeeps and the truck and as many LRDGPS Troopers we can muster. So please let me know if you plan to attend. Likewise the Fort MacArthur event in San Pedro, Ca. will be another big event.


Be sure to visit the new section �LRDG Tool Box�; see how Kim is making a Breda gas gun. If you have made, or converted something that would be of interest to the LRDGPS submit it to me for consideration.



Newsletter for LRDG Preservation SocietyOct. 22nd 2009
After Hours Report

Although not listed in the previous newsletter, Rick had taken the truck to Indian Mary which is a Southern Oregon Military Vehicle Club event, held at the end of May. My first event of the summer was the Morgan Hill 4th of July parade with the Jeep. Ray Mayeri was my gunner. Mean while Rick had help organize the first July 4th parade in Yreka and after the parade participated in a static display. Then he drove over to Tulelake to participate in the Shasta Salute to America where he spent the rest of the day.  

I followed up the Morgan Hill parade with the Seaside Parade of Champions on July 5th, in which we took second prize ($75.00) in the MV category. I still haven�t found out who took the first prize.  

On August 14th, during all the car events here on the Monterey Peninsula (Concourse, Historic Car Races etc.); I went to the Pacific Grove Auto Rally. All of my gunners were out of town so when Marc Goldman from the MVCC showed up taking photos , I �shanghaied� him into being my gunner on the drive around Pacific Grove, Pebble Beach & Carmel. 

As the third week of Sept. rolled around, Rick brought the truck down to Monterey for the Cherries Jubilee event. This is a charity event that brings over 500 vehicles to the Peninsula . Rick was running late so I did Friday morning Poker Run without him; pair of 10�s was the best I could do. On Friday night we �cruised down Alvarado Street � � Rick arrived by that time and accompanied us. We always get a lot of attention when driving in among the 50�s and 60�s automobiles.  On Saturday we spent the day at the Laguna Seca Race tract and we got both vehicles on the tract for three laps a piece. I couldn�t hear it but they told me that the announcer mentioned that it isn�t very often that you see vehicles with machine guns going around the race tract.  

 For the big �Grand Finale �of this year we tried something different.  There are two events in Southern California that I had been considering. One is at Ft. MacArthur located in San Pedro, Ca. and the other was the Marching Thru History Event in Chino , Ca.  The Ft. MacArthur event is in July; the Chino event in October, when I really started to consider them, in April, I felt that there was not enough time to prepare for the Ft. MacArthur event with so many local events in our schedule. So Chino got the nod. 

 I had made a new contact (Kim Calvert) in the Chino area who was a �BIG� help in putting it together. He went to a number of their meetings and helped select our location.  If you have never been to one of these events it is a real eye opener. When they say Living History, that�s what they mean. They had Roman�s, Revolutionary War, Civil War, WW I and WW II plus many others that I can�t remember.

 It had been such a long time since we displayed the truck and jeep in Southern California,  I put out the word to any and all that wanted to be apart of the display. Several contacts from the old Great Western Gun Show days showed some interest. (One came from Colorado ).    

 So on Oct. 1st we left Monterey , Rick, George Escobedo, and I; planning for a late arrival at the park in Chino .  We had commitments from eight others that would be there Friday to help us set up the camp site. We had a few minor problems; overheating at the grapevine on Interstate 5, and I did loose my way in the dark (that damn sun compass doesn�t work after dark). But we finally got there about 10PM. Set up a temporary LRDG camp site for the night.

Friday morning �troopers� started showing up for duty.  One no show (lost in the desert I guess) from Texas ; it was a long way to come.

 My thanks to all who helped, in Alphabetical order: 

1.      John Billinger � Simi Valley , Ca.

2.      Kim Calvert � Anaheim , Ca.

3.      Chris Cone - Loveland, Co.

4.      Tony Cone � Glendale , Ca.

5.      George Escobedo � San Jose , Ca.

6.      William Irwin Lucerne Valley , Ca.

7.      George Sicre - Palm Desert , Ca.

8.      John Tiley � Half Moon Bay , Ca. 

Special thanks go to John Tiley and his friend Elizabeth who manned the booth, which provided information about the LRDG Preservation Society and conducted sales of an assortment of merchandise including T-shirts, books, & badges.

 Be sure to checkout the photos of the event.

 There is a lot of pressure to do the Ft. MacArthur show next year. I understand that it will be the weekend after the 4th of July and we will give it serious consideration.

 The only thing left for this year is Veteran�s Day and I haven�t decided which of the many parades to attend. 

I�ll soon start on next year�s schedule of events a get it posted as I have something concrete. If you have an event in your area and would like us to attend, send me information on the event and if it is possible we will consider it. 

Don�t forget to check out the Second Edition of �LRDG Rhodesian�. Order direct from the author at his web site or his e-mail address Also �Incident at Jebel Sherif� from Kuno Gross at his web site:

If you need any other LRDG references check with me first as I still have copies of �Kiwi Scorpions�; Bearded Brigands & The Barce Raid available.

Newsletter for LRDG Preservation Society
June 19th 2009

Although it does not show on the website there has been a lot of activities going on with the Society. Unfortunately the War and Peace show is out this year as Uncle Sam got to me first, hopefully I�ll be able to afford to go next year. We missed the P.G. Good Old Days parade as we were in Tulsa at that time. We did make the MVCC meet at Tower Park and the Castroville Parade; although the MVCC meet was well attended we were the only MV in the Castroville Parade this year.

Update on some near term events are; we are planning to participate in the Morgan Hill 4th of July parade and we are signed up for the Seaside �Parade of Champions� on July 5th. Unfortunately the Monterey 4th parade has limited their parade to just two military vehicles, so most of the locals are boycotting their parade. We figured that we would go where we are most appreciated.

Now one of the premier events this year that we are planning to attend is the �Marching thru History� event in Chino , Ca. on Oct. 3rd & 4th. Here is their web site with all the particulars of the event;

if you care to see all that is going on be sure to hit their web site. 

Now this event is in the heart of the Los Angeles area so I expect all of those that have been bugging me to come southern California will be there. In fact I would like those that would like attend to help with set up and man the display to contact me as I need to let the director of the event know how many people we will have in the display area. Rick and I will be camping on the site along with others (I hope).  

2009 Summer and Fall Activities: 

Now with that all done, I need to get caught up on some other things that I have been neglecting. 

I have been remiss in reporting that Jonathan Pittaway has released his Second Edition of �LRDG Rhodesian�. It actually was released in Dec. 2008. I received my copy sometime in April or May. Now when I say Second Edition you are probably saying �I have the first edition why do I need the second?� Well the reason is; it is a complete new book, with many more photographs (previously unpublished). I sure would like to know where he got them all and would love to get copies. It also has added information on German units; complete LRDG Rhodesia medal citations and many stories by LRDG veterans. He was also kind enough to add a spread about the LRDG Preservation Society (about 8 pages as I recall). My only complaint is that he won�t let me sell in the U.S. so you have to order direct from him at his web site or his e-mail address

I know that I am running long with this Newsletter, but have one more thing to add. The book �Incident at Jebel Sherif� is also being released sometime this month. This is a collaboration of three authors; Brendan O�Carroll ; Kuno Gross & Roberto Chiarvetto. These three gentlemen actually went to the site, along with a New Zealand film crew too study and study the battle area where Capt. Clayton and several others were captured and Moore and three of his companions started their historic trek out of the desert. Books are available direct from Kuno at his web site:

Newsletter for LRDG Preservation Society
Dec. 26th, 2008

Here we are fast approaching 2009. In my book 2008 was a great year for the LRDG Preservation Society. I all started with our �Killing Rommel� video in the desert in January, July 4th parade in Ashland , OR . followed by our successful participation in the MVPA Convention in August and finally finishing up with Rick�s participation in the Yreka Christmas Parade. 

It is going to be tough to follow up with another year as good as that; but we will do our best to try! We continue to be contacted by LRDG family members in search of information (we have provided both photos and information to a number of them) and are continuing to be contacted by LRDG Preservation Society supporters from around the world. They show their support by buying the LRDG books, T-shirts, cap badges and shoulder flashings that we have listed on the site.

One other thing that I have done this year was to join the �Living History Worldwide� organization. It is the fastest growing Living History and Re-enactment Network in the world. Check out their web site here . It doesn�t cost anything to join and you can then join �My Friends� and �My Group� � which is the LRDG Preservation Society. I have added some photos and a Lily Marlene song to �My Page�.  If you want to join up and have any problem let me know.

    On a personal note; we just finished up remodeling our home (well almost), the only thing that needs to be finished is the outside painting. It was a rather extensive job, and took about six month to complete; we were living in it while the construction was going on. We are still happily married, but it was a test of both our patient and endurance. For those that have been here; you won�t recognize the place. I have done my personal best with my own �financial stimulus package �to keep the economy going in these tough times.

We added a large double car garage to the north side of the house (we had a standard double car garage on the south side). This will be the home of the jeep and associated LRDG �stuff� along with my 1964 Porsche. I am sure that when the truck is here for a local event that it will fit in it nicely too.

 Below is an outline of some planned personal and LRDG spring and summer events. I have included both the War & Peace Show and the MVPA Convention but not sure either or both of those are financially possible this year. Unless you are one of those that might like to sponsor us.  


Tentative summer activities:      


June � date TBA � Marine Corps Barbeque � Toro Park Monterey.

 July 4th � Parade TBA � somewhere.

July 22nd � 26th � War and Peace Show England ?

 Aug. 5th � 9th MVPA Convention - Evansville , IN.?

 Aug. 14th � 16th � Monterey Historic.

Thanks for your support!
Jack and Rick
LRDG Preservation Society

Newsletter for LRDG Preservation Society
August 20th, 2008

Well the MVPA Convention is over; there were a few disappointments and few surprises. The disappointments started before we even got there as the second truck (T-9 Wireless) was not at the stage of completion where it could be taken to the convention. There was just not enough time to complete it. One of the major problems was that the paint that Rick had ordered three weeks prior never showed up. 

We departed Rick�s (Yreka) on the 12th, spent the night in Salem about 60 miles South of Portland. Leaving Salem about 8:30 AM to avoid some of the rush hour traffic we arrive at the Expo Center at 10 AM.

I couldn�t believe my eyes, as the Expo Center had been opened at 8 AM and it was already crowded with military vehicles.  I check in with Steve Greenberg and found our location in the hall. I had e-mailed Steve as soon as I knew that T-9 would not be at the convention. We opted for a walled corner space in the back of the hall.

I had hoped for additional help for setting up the display but had to rely on my usual trusty LRDG Troopers; George Escobedo and George Sicre. My wife had the responsibility of setting up the �Palm Trees� and the �Story Board�. 

Once we had the �sand� (painter�s drop cloths) in place, I placed the vehicles where I wanted and started adding accessories.  One of the accessories that I haven�t used before was �Roger�. Roger is a manikin that has been with me since 1984; taking up space. I thought that it was about time that he did something to justify his existence. At first I thought that he would look good at the tailgate of the truck working on �lunch� but as the display took shape and I put up the theodolite, I decided that he looked much better there. In fact he reminds me of �Nick Wilder� with his light colored hair.

I had an opportunity to renew some old acquaintances� from the 1996 Convention and meet more nice folks from all over. Even meet the son of a LRDG trooper (verified by my records). We had a nice long chat and have already contacted him for more information about his father.

Friday was the vehicle judging and I let Rick deal with that as he had the answers for all the mechanical questions. I mainly answered questions about the display and George Sicre was also an excellent docent.   

Saturday was the last day and was opened to the public, so we had another rash of admires. That night was the �Awards� banquet, which seemed to drag on forever until they started presenting the awards. Rick must have had all the right answers for T-8 took First Place in the 1 � ton Motor Pool Ready classification. Then more waiting as they went through all the other period and weight categories. Then finally (drum roll please) the �Best Display� goes to the LRDG Preservation Society.

There was one more final surprise. The Host club Military Vehicle Collectors Club of Oregon had their own award for the Best over all vehicles and display. We got that too!!! So all in all it was worth all the hard work and effort.


 Vehicle Judging 1.jpg (305272 bytes)Over all Display 1.jpg (293401 bytes)Finishing Touch.jpg (346072 bytes)
Tools.jpg (306174 bytes)Roger 1.jpg (251627 bytes)Chief Fitter.jpg (245335 bytes)  


2008 Fall & Winter Proposed Activities: 

  1.  Sept 2nd � Clinton Long from the England Desert Raider Group will be here for a visit.

  2. Sept 5th & 6th � Cherry�s Jubilee � Monterey

  3. Sept. 7th  - Proposed Jock Littlefield Museum Tour

  4. Sept. 21st � 27th � MVCC Camp Delta Meet � Lodi , Ca.

  5. Sept. 27th � 28th Salinas Air Show?

  6. Sept. 27th � 28th Reno Air Races?

  7. Oct. 23rd � 26th � Camp Gridley ?

  8. Nov. 11th � Veterans Day Parade - Somewhere  

  9. Nov. 27th Thanksgiving - Home

  10. Dec. 26th Christmas - Home

  11. Jan. 1st � New Years - Ricks (Scott is coming too)

Thanks for your support!
Jack and Rick
LRDG Preservation Society

Newsletter for LRDG Preservation Society
January 20, 2008

Well I am not sure just where to start; here we are two-thirds through January and I already have logged more than 2000 miles on LRDG activities since Dec. 27th.  It was relatively quite during the last quarter of 2007; we took part in the Sept 1st J & S �America Remembers� event and Cherries Jubilee event the following week. After that Donna and I started our Eastern road trip by trailing the jeep north to Rick�s for some servicing and continued on to see our daughter Andrea in Seattle. After spending a few days with her we then really went east.

Every year after Christmas, Donna and I celebrate New Years Eve with Rick and a number of his friends at his home in Yreka. He had completed the work on the jeep so when we came home I brought it home on Jan. 3rd.

In the last newsletter I had mentioned the author Steve Pressfield and his upcoming fictional book, �Killing Rommel�. We have kept in close contact and back in Oct. he asked me if we (along with the vehicles) would be willing to participate in a video promoting his new book, which is supposed to be released in late May or early June. He spent time with the publisher in New York trying to get them to �spring� for the cost of production (which was considerable), when they were reluctant; he decided to do it himself. So he spent Nov. and Dec. getting it all set up for a January 14th & 15th shoot (see photos).

Also see videos:
Killing Rommel Video (requires QuickTime)
Killing Rommel Video (YouTube version)  

Rick departed Yreka on Friday Jan. 11th; and I left on Sat. Jan. 12th, with my trusty �Trooper� George Escobedo traveling with me. We rendezvoused up with Rick at Santa Nella on Interstate 5 at noon on the 12th. After a quick lunch we continued heading south, our destination was Dumont Dunes, which is about 45 miles North of Baker, Ca. off of Interstate 15 (towards Las Vegas). We spent the night in Barstow, Ca. with a planed arrival at Dumont Dunes around 9:30 AM on Sunday the 13th. We had some minor delays and also hooked up with another �Trooper� George Sicre; finally arriving at noon.  

 What I was expecting when we got there and what was reality was two different things. I had expected four people, Steve Pressfield, the director; Nick Vitale, Cameraman; Phil Arfman and a sound person. What was there was the above, plus 17 other assorted personal.

After we had a quick lunch, we started to unloaded the vehicles and make up our campsite, while they went to scout for locations. Nothing much else exciting happened that day. They told us when they would arrive the next day, so that we would be ready. Rick made Scampi with pasta for dinner; the only problem was that the weather got very cold during the night.

The next morning everyone showed up at 7:30 AM, we had a quick catered breakfast and then we all moved to the first location. There we spent the morning watching them take and retake a number of dialogs of Steve talking about the LRDG & S.A.S. We took the stage after lunch.  We did the same thing over again the next day at the second location. They wrapped it up about 3:00 Pm that day. We decided to break camp and move up to Date Ranch about 20 miles north to see if we could get some �oasis style� photos. We did succeed the following day and left our perspective way on Wed the 16th. I know that this paragraph doesn�t sound like much fun but we all had a blast. I can�t wait to see the footage. I will let you know when it gets posted on the Internet. Posted above!

2008 planned events:  

1.      April 12th � Pacific Grove Good Old Days Parade

2.      April 16th � 20th � MVCC Camp Delta meet

3.      May 18th � Castroville Parade � Only if I am not in North Africa.

4.      May 23rd � 25th � Watsonville Fly-In � Only if I am not in North Africa.

5.      June � TBA � Marine Corps League Barbecue � Toro Park, Monterey

6.      July 4th � Parade � TBA

7.      Aug. 13th � 17th � MVPA Convention Portland, Or.

 For the last event (the Convention) I would like as many supporters as possible to plan to attend. We are planning a large display with two LRDG trucks the LRDG jeep and possible a S.A.S. jeep. We will be looking for a lot of help with set up and tending a retail table. Please contact me if you plan to attend and can help. 

Thanks for your support!
Jack and Rick
LRDG Preservation Society

Newsletter for LRDG Preservation Society
August 2007

We are more than half way through 2007� and I have been negligent in supplying photos of recent events that we have attended. I will correct that with this newsletter and bring them up to date.

We did go to our MVCC club event at Tower Park in mid April, following that we went to Bakersfield (it was a new event for us). Called �History of Heroes� and held at Kern County Museum, it was a very nice affair with re-enactors from every war that the United States was involved in. We were also visited by some LRDG enthusiast that we had not met before; Bill Irwin from Lucerne Valley, Ca. and Javier G. Villalobos , who came all the way from Ensenada, Mexico just to meet us (and see the truck).

Another notable that visited us at this event was author Steve Pressfield. Those of you that don�t recognize the name may be more familiar with some of his works. He wrote, �The Legend of Bagger Vance�; �Gates of Fire� and five other historical fiction novels. His latest fictional work �Killing Rommel� is based on the LRDG and he wanted to visit us, view the truck and discuss a number of aspects of how the LRDG patrols would work behind the lines. I have been privileged to read an advanced copy and it is so true to life I went back to my LRDG roster just to make sure his main character was not actually in the LRDG. Be sure to look for its release in April 2008. Here is his web site, click on the book to read an interview about the book. 

 I then did a few local events with the jeep. Mid May I hung out with some WW II bombers at the Monterey Airport. Rick�s mom was not doing well and he was dealing with her health issues. She unfortunately passed away on June 1st. I attended the Marine Corps BBQ with George Escobedo on June 9th and quickly followed that with a �small� Flag Day parade on June 14th in San Ardo, Ca. with Ray Mayeri, who is really a Popski fan, but likes to ride in the jeep. My wife and I left for Western Mediterranean cruise on July 1st with family and then spent an additional week in Spain on a couch tour and finished up at the War & Peace Show, spending sometime with the "Desert Raiders". 

 The War & Peace Show was enjoyable (as always) but the weather was against us and it rained just about every day. The tracked vehicles were about the only things that were moving on a regular basis because of all the mud. There were three LRDG vet�s that showed up during the event. Jimmy Patch from Y Patrol, Les Sullivan from the LRS and Ron Maitland-Flanagan who was with the S.B.S. I just love talking to them, even though all of these are in their eighties they have excellent memories. I regret not taking my tape recorder. When we got back I joined a small group from the MVCC for a small parade in Carmel Valley, it was not much bigger than the San Ardo parade but it was local, as always I had a good time showing off the jeep.

Well that pretty much brings you up to date, well not quite. The week of Aug. 13th through 19th there is a bevy of Automobile events happening on the Monterey Peninsula. The Monterey Historic Auto Races, the Pebble Beach Concours and several other events involving high price collector and performance cars. One of the smaller events on Friday of that week is the �Pacific Grove Concours Auto Rally. Since they won�t let me participate in the Pebble Beach Concours I decided to take the jeep to the Pacific Grove Concours �Auto Rally�. They don�t seem to be as particular as those PB Concours folks. Besides they do a drive around at the end of the static display through Pacific Grove, Pebble Beach, Carmel then back to Pacific Grove. There are a lot of spectators waiting as the cars pass in review. Needless to say we had the best Military Vehicle there (never mind that it was the only one) we got lots of great comments both at the static display and when we on the drive. Ray Mayeri went with me. Did I mention that he like to ride in the jeep?               

1.      Sept. 1st - America Remembers � J & S Surplus Moss Landing � Jeep only
2.      Sept. 7th - 9th - Cherry�s Jubilee - Monterey, Ca. Truck and Jeep   
3.      Sept. 24th � Eastern Road Trip until Oct. 25th
4.      Nov. 11th � Veteran�s Day � San Jose Parade?
5.      Nov. 22nd - Thanksgiving Day
6.      Dec. 25th - Christmas Day
 The above is what we have scheduled for the rest of the year. I am however working on a planned schedule for 2008. One event for sure will be the MVPA Convention in Portland, OR. August 13th � 17th.  

With so many things going on, I forgot this: In 2005 while on our England trip to the W & P show I received an e-mail inquiring about a �desert find� that had a name attached. The name was �A. Boys #21906 �. The finder was inquiring as to if this person was ever in or associated with the LRDG.  Since all my research was in the U.S. I responded with cc�s to all of the other know LRDG researchers (Brendan O�Carroll and Jonathan Pittaway), explaining that although the name sounded familiar to me I would not be able to verify it until I returned home. However the other LRDG researchers did confirm that �Alf Boys� was indeed attached to the LRDG.

There were a number of e-mails back and forth and the last I had heard one of the family members was going to get back to me with more information on Alf. However that never happened. So I finally decided to post this along with the web site of the items found.

Be sure you look in all four compass directions of the �find�. Then you can imagine as to how these items found their way to this location. Unfortunately Alf passed away in 2001 so we will never know.   

Thanks for your support!
Jack and Rick
LRDG Preservation Society

Newsletter for LRDG Preservation Society
February 2007

Well another year has passed� We have attended many events this past year and enjoyed them all but now it is now time to look and plan another exciting schedule for this year; before to much of the year disappears. I continued to work on occasion, it makes me enjoy all the activities and my free time all that much more.
The jeep is back at Rick�s again for the winter. The new engine has been working fine but the new parts that he installed for the clutch failed after 300 miles (a throw out bearing seemed to be the problem). While he has it, he is going to go through the transmission to make sure all is in order. I hope to have it back in town in time for the many spring events that are already are looming on the horizon.
Unfortunately there are a number of the spring events that happen on be scheduled on the same weekend, this will put a crimp our selections. Since Easter is early in April this year the Pacific Grove Good Old Days event (which is usually on the 1st weekend of April) is now scheduled on the same weekend of the MVCC Tower Park meet. So they (Pacific Grove) will have to do without us this year. I have also keep in touch with a reenactment group located in Reno. They have done a "desert battle" the last few years but hadn�t let me know about it far enough in advance to include it in our schedule. Well this year they let me know far enough in advance but it is also on the same weekend as the Tower Park meet. Hopefully they will pick another weekend that will not conflict with that event next year.
Scott, with my input of information, continues to increase the size of the web site and consequently I continue to have many interesting inter-net contacts. Most have increased my knowledge of the LRDG and units who were attached to them during the North African campaign. A number of them have been "linked" on our Link Page.
Speaking of our link page be sure to check out "What Price Glory", I had the opportunity to visit Jerry Lee�s warehouse recently and was really surprised at all of his WW II British uniforms and equipment, a lot of it is original but he also has some wonderful reproductions. Take sometime and visit his web site, you might find something that you can�t live without.
Below is pretty much my schedule as I see it for the rest of the year. I have included some of their web addresses if you want to see their sites. If you know of an event that you think we might like to attend please send me the information or provide a web site.
  1. April 18th - 22nd - MVCC Tower Park, Lodi Ca. with Truck & Jeep.
  2. April 21st - Pacific Grove Good Old Days Parade - conflicts with MVCC meet
  3. April 19th, 20th, & 21st - Desert Battle - Reno - conflicts with MVCC meet
  4. April 28th & 29th - History of Heroes - Kern County Museum, Bakersfield - with Truck & Jeep
  5. May 11th - 14th - Collins Foundation at Monterey Airport , Jeep only.
  6. May 14th - 16th - Collins Foundation at Hollister Airport , Jeep only.
  7. May 20th - Castroville Artichoke Parade, Jeep only.
  8. May 25th, 26th, & 27th Watsonville Fly-In, Jeep only
  9. June 9th - Marine Corp. League - Toro Park Salinas, Jeep only
  10. June 28th - July 8th - Mediterranean Cruise/ Italy
  11. July 4th - Rick will have the truck in one of the Oregon parades. I�ll be out of the country this 4th.
  12. July 8th - 14th - Coach Tour of Spain
  13. July 15th - 22nd - Great Britain - War & Peace Show
  14. Aug. 10th - 12th - Days of Wine & Roads - Napa, Ca.
  15. Aug. 25th - 26th - Santa Maria Fly-In ?
  16. Sept. 7th - 9th - Cherry�s Jubilee - Monterey, Ca. Truck and Jeep
  17. Sept. 12th -16th - Reno Air Races ?
  18. Oct. 13th - Marina Air-Faire?
  19. Nov. 11th - Veterans Day ?
  20. Nov. 22nd - Thanksgiving Day
  21. Dec. 25th - Christmas Day

Best Regards
Jack and Rick
LRDG Preservation Society

Newsletter for LRDG Preservation Society
August 2006

We have had a wonderful and very busy spring and summer. Between working a few days, there were a number of Military Vehicle events the we attended. We had an opportunity to visit the Jock Littlefield Tank Museum in Portola Valley, so that was Donna�s Mother�s Day present (she went too). Rick brought the jeep down from Yreka, and was supposed to tour the Museum too but it seems that bay area traffic had other ideas. Shortly after the tour ended he showed up, so I bought him lunch and then headed off to Monterey with the Jeep in tow (new engine included).

We did three Military Vehicle events with the jeep in quick succession. A friend (George Sicre) came up from Palm Desert to join up with me. The first was a static display with the Collins Foundation Bombers (B-17; B-24 & B-25) in Monterey on May 18th. Then the Castroville Artichoke Parade on May 21st, which was interesting, as we did it in the rain. It was coming down pretty good buy the time the parade ended. Then we went to the Watsonville Fly-In on Sat. the 28th, the weather was much better, with sunny skies and a better drive in the open jeep.

We had a few days to rest up before we left on the May 31st to head back to Pennsylvania for my 50th High School reunion. I know most of you didn�t know that I was that old.�Had a good time visiting with some of my high school classmates but what really surprised me was that all of my old girlfriends�. "got old". Got home on the June 7th and had just enough time to get over the "jet lag", make sure that the jeep was full of gas and headed off for the "Marine Corps League Barbecue" on June 10th.

We then had my son and his family visiting from June 21st until July 3rd. I couldn't convince them to stay for the Monterey 4th of July parade. But we did manage to get them all in the Seaside Parade of Champions on July 1st. We took both 1st and 2nd place in the Military Vehicle class. Then did the Monterey Parade (without the grand kids and Rick). Rick had to get back to Yreka for a parade there and he wanted to have a big 4th of July barbecue for Scott Miller (our web master) who was leaving for Kuwait for four years.

I have added some interesting items to the display, got a line for some reproduction Model 36 Mills bombs and case. These are excellent for display or you re-enactors. They should show up in some of the current photos. Here is the e-mail for the contact for the gentleman (Robert Lawrence) who makes them. ( They are not cheap but look and feel just like the real thing.

Now here are the events for August and the rest of the year.
1.   Aug. 3rd - 16th - Oregon & Washington Trip
2.   Aug. 11th - 13th - Reno Area - Desert Battle - Rick with the Truck
3.   Aug. 25th - 27th - Santa Maria Air Show - Jack with the Jeep
4.   Sept. 2nd - Labor Day Parade , Marina, Ca. - Jack with the Jeep
5.   Sept. 8th - 10th - Cherries Jubilee - Monterey - Both vehicles
6.   Sept 16th - Oct 16th - East Coast Trip
7.   Oct. 14th - 15th - Travis Air Show - Rick with Truck?
8.   Nov. 16th - 20th - Big Reno Gun Show
9.   Nov. 23rd - Thanksgiving
10. Dec. 25th - Christmas

Best Regards
Jack and Rick
LRDG Preservation Society

Newsletter for LRDG Preservation Society
April 2006

Well I have been home since March 12 and all this month I have been trying to find the best way to report on the wonderful experiences I had in New Zealand. I won�t bore you with the day to day events but would like to cover some of the special highlights.

I was not aware but several of the members of the NZLRDG Association had heard that I was coming to NZ and wanted to meet me and I also didn�t think that I would be able to see the LRDG Memorial which is located on a "closed" active NZ S.A.S. training base. But through the efforts of Wayne Holah, who is the Archivist and Historian for the NZ SAS and the LRDG, I was able to do both. He had arranged a Sunday meeting at the base, there I was able to meet with Basil Greenstreet (President), Ian Judge (Secretary) and Tom Ritchie (Member) of the NZLRDG Association. We had a private tour of the SAS Museum, got to see the Memorial and even had lunch at the S.A.S. Now for the kicker�. the three LRDG members presented me with a "special" LRDG plaque (see photos). For those that know me, I was really speechless and very honored. We did some other memorable things while we were in Auckland also. Noted LRDG Author Brendan O�Carroll had arranged two special barbecues for us. The first was with wife and family at their home. Brendan brought out all his LRDG photos and made me "drool" with envy. The second one was with a number of his friends (they collect badges and assorted other things). I have never seen so many original LRDG badges, shoulder flashes and other thinks in one place at the same time. They are really a bunch of very, "very", nice people. And Donna and I enjoyed the food and friendship they showed to us. One of my other contacts was Paul Burgess (son of LRDG trooper Wally Burgess, see the Trooper Section) . Paul ended up being our "tour" guide to Tirau. I had wanted to go there because that is the name of T-8 and wanted to see what the original T-8 was named for. Tirau is about 90 minutes south east of Auckland and we passed through the towns of Hamilton and Cambridge before arriving. It is a small town of about 800 people, we had lunch there and walked up and down the main street looking into the shops. Took some photos and then returned to Auckland. I also found out what the name stands for. It is a Maori word and "Ti" means "cabbage tree" and "rau" means "many", so it is the place of "many cabbage trees". Just thought that you would want to know.

Coming Up Events:

Aug. 10th - 21st - Oregon & Washington Trip (Tentative dates)

Aug. 19th - 20th - Santa Rosa - Pacific Coast Air Show ?

Aug. 26th - 28th - Santa Maria Air Show ?

Sept. 8th - 10th - Cherries Jubilee

Sept 11th - Oct 11th - East Coast Trip

Oct. 14th - 15th - Travis Air Show

Nov. 16th - 20th - Big Reno Gun Show

Best Regards
Jack and Rick
LRDG Preservation Society

Newsletter for LRDG Preservation Society
January, 23rd 2006

This will be a quick update, as there have been some minor changes and date confirmations in our schedule. Rick now has the Jeep and the plan is to have a new rebuilt engine installed and running for April 8th Good Old Days Parade and Tower Park. We have finalized our travel plans to Australia and New Zealand, leaving on Feb 4th and returning on March 12th. We will have a few days free in Auckland and plan to meet up with Brendan O�Carroll (noted author of "The Kiwi Scorpions", "Bearded Brigand�s" and "Barce Raid") and some of his friends for a barbecue. I also want to visit the town of Tirau which is close to Auckland. For those that don�t get the connections, the name of T-8 is "Tirau II, and I would like to visit the town and region where the original Tirau was named. Now for the "bad news". I had been working on a 2006 War & Peace Tour for the MVCC (and anyone else that wanted to go), we had a great schedule put together by John Norris (he has several articles in the current Dec. 2005 issue of "Militaria International Magazine"), and the Tour Company had put together the necessary flight and hotel arraignments. The dead line for signing up was Jan. 1st, we needed a minimum of 25 to make it happen and due to poor response (only 8 were interested) the trip has been canceled.

Feb. 4th - March 12th - Australia & New Zealand Trip

March 27th - April 6th - Tulsa Gun Show Trip

April 8th - Good Old Days Parade, Pacific Grove, Ca.

April 16th thru 22nd- Tower Park, Lodi, Ca.

May 20th - Santa Cruz Armed Forced Day Parade

May 21st - Castroville Parade

May 26th thru 28th - Watsonville Fly-In

June 1st - 7th - Pennsylvania Trip

June 10th - Marine Corps League Barbecue (Static Display)

June 15th , 16th & 17th - Olema Ranch

July 4th - Parade Place TBA

Some more bad news arrived while writing this update� I have received news that the following people have passed away. Pamela Matthews, wife of Lt. Col. Vladimir Peniakoff passed away on Dec 5th. Sergeant Eric Hamilton Brooks, Royal Corps Signals, who served with the LRDG, S.A.S. and finally with P.P.A. and "Micky Coombs" one of the original members of Y Patrol as passed away on Jan 17th.


PS. I ordered my 2006 Calendar from the "Desert Raiders" and the photos of the vehicles are superb. You might want to do the same.

Best Regards
Jack and Rick
LRDG Preservation Society

Newsletter for LRDG Preservation Society
June 2005

Well we have had an interesting first five month of 2005. The Shot Show in Las Vegas in January, and a trip to Hawaii in March. Although the Military Vehicle events didn�t start until April and it has been non stop since then. We did the Pacific Grove Good Old Days parade in early April and then our MVCC Annual meet at Tower Park, April 19th - 24th. John Doel, son of LRDG Trooper Lloyd G. Doel and his wife Jeannie stopped by and managed to get a ride in both the truck and the jeep. I am trying to get John to add his father�s biography to the Trooper Section.

The month of May was also exceptionally busy, the Castroville Artichoke Festival Parade (where we won a prize), on the 15th .Then we spent May 25th with a B-17 and B-24 from the Collins Foundation at the Monterey Airport and finished up with the month at the Watsonville Air Show on the 27th.

I have been driving the jeep to the local events, and it has been a little cool in the mornings, but I have a nice "David Sterling" style coat that keeps me warm and cozy. I have gotten a number of double takes when on the highway, especially if I have the Twin K�s still mounted. The jeep has been running just fine, it uses a little oil, but I check it often and keep a quart of Penrite Oil on board just in case I need any on the road.

There are several other LRDG web site available on the inter-net, they have links on our "link" page. One that I would like to highly recommend that you visit is The site is owned by and designed by Tobias Gibson and although Toby has no direct connection with the LRDG (just like me) he has a great interest in the unit and all of it�s activities and it�s history. Lately he has spent a lot of time and effort in improving his sight, and although I don�t want you to forget about the LRDG Preservation Society site, his is well worth exploring.

My wife (Donna) and I are all set to head off to Ireland and England the end of June and through most of July. Now if the Airlines will cooperate and don�t go on strike everything will be fine. I have listed some of the events during the rest of the year that we hope to attend, some with the vehicles.                   

Nov. 11th - Veterans Day Parade - Somewhere

Nov. 18th , 19th & 20th - Big Reno Gun Show, Reno, NV.

Nov. 24th - Thanksgiving

Dec. 25th - Christmas

That finishes up 2005, although some events may come up that I am not currently aware off, if we are able to attend we will surly try. So I hope to see you at one of the events. To all those that have ordered T-shirts, cap badges, books etc. Thanks the money helps us continue with this project.

Best Regards
Jack and Rick
LRDG Preservation Society

Newsletter for LRDG Preservation Society
Jan. 2005

We had a few disappointments with the 2004 year end activities. We did participate in the L.V. Veteran's Day Parade but without the truck. It is a long story but Rick ended up flying in to Vegas for the parade. We did have the Jeep and manage a post parade photo and machine gun shoot with the Lewis gun.

The other disappointment was that we were unable to get to Rick's this year for his New Years event. The weather was the main reason as it snowed (and snowed, and snowed). So Donna and I spent New Years eve together and shared a bottle of Champagne.

This past year I had started the "Trooper Section", which has been well received but I am having difficulty getting others to submit information so that it can be expanded. So for those LRDG family members out there please submit biographical information about your relative that served with this unit along with several photos and we will gladly add them to this section. Please e-mail me if you have any questions.

This year I am going to add a "LRDG Model Page", I constantly receive photos from modelers who make fantastic pieces in 1/35 scale and submit them to me for my enjoyment. I thought that it was time to share them with the rest of the world. To the modelers, if you see your model posted without your name let me know as I have deleted many of your e-mails but kept the photos.

To make sure everyone understands, I say that I have started the "Trooper Section" and am going to add a "Model Page", I could do none of it without Scott Miller our web master. I get many e-mails complimenting our web site, they give me all the credit, and although I do provide him with all the information posted, he does the hard work. "Thanks Scott".

I am now diligently working on our 2005 schedule and there have been some major changes since the last newsletter update. The New Zealand trip as been postponed until 2006 (pressure from the misses). I did tell her that I was going next year (2006) with or without her. Instead of that, we will be taking a short trip to Hawaii in March with my Sister-in-law & Brother-in-law and then a longer trip to Ireland and England in June/July. We will be taking a tour through Northern Ireland with Seamus Kennedy (a Irish Ballad Singer) then will be spending additional time in Dublin. After which I want to spend time with the "Desert Raiders" in Norfolk right before we head off to the War & Peace Show.

I would also like to return to the Pacific Grove Good Old Days parade. We did that several years ago but in the past few years it conflicted with other events. I am not sure but I don't think there will a conflict this year, so have included it in our schedule. There have been several local gun shows (in Monterey) and I have talked to the show promoter and he indicated that he would love for us to display our vehicles at his event. Unfortunately for his next two shows I will be elsewhere but have included them in our calendar, just in case there are changes in my plans. I will again list more events than we will possible make (but would like to make).

May - Date to be announced - Ca. Historical Group - Desert Battle

May 14th - Castroville Artichoke Festival Parade

May 20th - 22nd - Planes of Fame, Chino, Ca.

May 21st - Armed Forces Day ?

May 28th - May 30th - Antique Air Show, Watsonville, Ca.

May 31st - Memorial Day

June 27th - July 26th - Ireland - England tour.

July 16th - 17th - Monterey Gun Show - Monterey Fairgrounds

That takes us more than halfway through the year, I have some other events past July but if I post them now I get lazy and won't update the letter in a timely manner. So I hope to see you at one of our events. To all those that have ordered T-shirts, cap badges, books etc. Thanks the money helps us continue with this project.

Best Regards
Jack and Rick
LRDG Preservation Society

Newsletter for LRDG Preservation Society
Jan. 2005

Well, all I can say is that this year has moved by exceptionally fast. I had very good intentions of updating the Newsletter before I left for the East Coast to visit family, but I just ran out of time. So I am now working on this update on the East Coast. Aren't computers and the Internet wonderful things?

I am currently working on next year's schedule of events, so if there is somewhere you think we should be, let me know and I will try to fit it in our tight schedule. We usually try to make all the events sponsored by the MVCC and you can check out their web site at "". I am also working on several out of country trips for 2005. One to New Zealand & Australia and another later in the year for Ireland & England I will keep you posted as I get more information.

One of the other items that I wanted to mention with this up date is another newer book, I believe that I mentioned it some time in the past but would like to give it another plug.

The title is "Churchill's Folly: Leros and the Aegean - The Last Great British Defeat of World War Two" ISBN # 0304361518. Anthony Rogers, whom I met on my last visit to the UK in 2003, wrote it. Tony has really done his homework on this work and it deserves reading by any LRDG student. As it covers a little know area of their activities. It was because of this action that the New Zealand contingent was removed from the LRDG rolls. The unit lost more men (killed & captured) in this short campaign than in the two and one-half years of all their desert battles. The book is available in both hardbound edition and has recently been released in a paper back edition. I don't have any for sale from the web site but it is available from any good book store (Barnes & Noble or Border's) in the U.S. I have also seen it available from You can see the review at this address:

I am expecting a big group of LRDG supporters at the Las Vegas Veteran's Day parade this year. I have been contacted by a number of old friends (and new) asking if there is room for them in the parade. Like I keep telling them all .... It is a big truck and we can always make room for one more plus we will have the Jeep this year. My only request is that if you do come please dress in appropriate "desert attire".  

Best Regards
Jack and Rick
LRDG Preservation Society

Tentative Event Schedule

Nov. 6th-13th - Veterans Day Parade (11th) Las Vegas, NV

Nov. 25th - Thanksgiving

Dec. 4th - MVCC South Bay Christmas Party - See web site as above.

Dec. 25th - Christmas

Jan. 1st, 2005 - New Years - Rick's

Jan, Feb or March - I am working on a trip (for 6 weeks) to New Zealand, & Australia. I do not have the exact dates at this time but will post them as soon as I have my travel itinerary.

April 17th-24th - MVCC Tower Park (Camp Delta) meet: see web site as above.

May - I would like to attend the Watsonville Fly-In at the end of the month.

June 16th-19th - MVCC 8th Casa de Fruta meet Hollister, Ca.

June 27th - July 7th - Ireland Tour with Seamus Kennedy

July 20th - 24th - War & Peace Show - see the web site at

Newsletter for LRDG Preservation Society
May 2004

We are fast approaching the mid point for 2004. We have been able to do only half of the events on the previous listing. We did go to Rick's for New Years and his Feb Birthday Bash, and Donna and I did get in the Hawaii and Tulsa trips.

The MVCC Tower Park event we also attended, with a surprise for Rick. I had purchased in Nov of 2003, a little brother for T-8, a 1942 Ford jeep that is in the LRDG format, we managed to keep it a secret from him for 6 months and believe me it wasn't easy. Almost let the cat out of the bag several occasions. What seemed to cause more excitement was the trailer that I bought to haul the jeep on.

Loaded up.JPG (670895 bytes)   Jack & Jeep.jpg (1559059 bytes)   Livermore - In the Sun a.JPG (201430 bytes)

Rick also had a surprise for me, he has quietly been working on a large hauler truck. It started out as a stock truck (20000 lb. GVW), the cab has been painted a proper sand color (he calls the truck Sandy) and he has installed a large military bed capable of holding T-8. His plan is to install a dump mechanism and winch. I am not quite sure how it will work but when completed he will be able to haul T-8 on it and then pull the trailer with the "wireless truck" on it. I can be "tail end Charlie" and follow with my vehicle and the jeep on its trailer.

Some other good and exciting news is that we now have a "sponsor". Not a big one but a sponsor none the less. It is the "Penrite Oil Co. Ltd." They specialize in high performance, full-bodied lubricants for "Veteran", vintage and classic cars and motor cycles. I have already replaced the oil products in the jeep with their oil and lubricant products. I have also supplied Rick with product to use when he services T-8. They are distributed world wide but my U.S. contact has been Harvey Shepard at Garden City Classics, PO. Box 1848, Evans, Ga. 30809, Phone number 706-855-2902 and his e-mail address is They carry a full line of products that do not seem to be any more expensive than other similar products available on the market, and these are designed for our older vehicles. If you decide to contact them please indicate that you read about them on our web site.

Some of this years remaining events that we hope to attend are below.

Best Regards
Jack Valenti
LRDG Preservation Society

Newsletter for LRDG Preservation Society
December 2003

 Well another year is coming to a close. And as the holiday season is upon us, I can look back on the many memorial events that we have attended this year. Do check out the event photo page.

 We opened the year with festivities at Rick�s New Years party, which we plan to attend again this year. Then there was the last Big Bear meet, Castroville parade (which was a new event for us), the 6th Casa meet, the two July 4th parades, the Convention in Alameda, the Operation Welcome Home parade in Livermore, and we then finished up with the Veteran�s day parade in Las Vegas. Unfortunately the next day post parade machinegun shoot in Las Vegas was rained out, so I guess that means we will have to go back next year (oh darn).  

            Regrettably there were many other venues that we would liked to have attended but couldn�t because of our busy schedule. And that will most likely happen again this coming year.

We also managed trips to Tulsa in April, to Hawaii in June with some of our children and grandchildren, another to England in July covering the War & Peace Show and finally our road trip back East.

 Below I have listed some up coming events for the first 7 months of next year, showing most of the events and trips that we have planned, not all of them will include the LRDG truck and I also know that we will not be able to attend them all.  

  1. Dec. 29th thru Jan. 4th � Rick�s New Year�s Party.

  2. Jan. 20th thru Jan. 27th � Donna and I will be in Hawaii

  3. Jan. 25th San Jose Vietnamese News Year Parade

  4. Feb. 8th thru 15th  - Shot Show in Las Vegas

  5. Feb. 19th thru 23rd � Rick�s for Feb. Birthday Bash 

  6. March 30th � Riverside Air Faire

  7. March 30th thru April 7th � Wanenmacher�s Tulsa Arms Show, Tulsa, Ok.

  8. April 19th thru April 25thMVCC Tower Park Meet PICs!
     Clink this link for more details about the Tower Park meet!

  9. May � Date to be announced � Ca. Historical Group � Desert Battle

  10. May 15th  - Armed Forces Day

  11. May 19th thru May 20th � Planes of Fame, Chino, Ca.

  12. May 28th thru May 30th � Antique Air Show, Watsonville, Ca.

  13. May 31st � Memorial Day

  14. June 2nd to June 10th � 60th Anniversary of D Day Invasion, Normandy, France  

  15. June 17th thru June 20th � 7th Annual MVCC Casa de Fruta Meet  

  16. June 24th thru June 26th � MVPA Convention, Mobile, Alabama

  17. July 1st thru July 5th � Rick�s for 4th of July Parade�s

  18. July 6th thru July 9th � Seattle, WA. We will be visiting our daughter Andrea

  19. July 10th thru July 17th � Donna and I will be on an Alaskan Cruise   


Wishing all of you Happy Holidays. We hope to see you at one of the events next year. 

Newsletter for LRDG Preservation Society
August 2003

There is a flurry of activities coming up later this month (August) and in September. And as is the usual case we will not be able to attend all that we would like. I am currently recovering from arthroscopic shoulder surgery. With my right arm in a sling for about 6 weeks then some rehab for another 6 weeks, I won�t be much help whenever we do attend an event.    

            It has been a great summer and Donna and I enjoyed our trip to England and the time spent with the �Desert Raider�s� and some former LRDG members. I envy them because they are located closer together and can support each other with all their LRDG & S.A.S. projects. Be sure to read their updated newsletter that has been posted recently. It tells all that they are doing. We were sorry to hear that Adrian Brown had sold his LRDG Chevy. But were glad that it found a really good home. We did have a chance to visit with him one of the days.  

            Now don�t get me wrong about �support� I get all kinds of kind and encouraging words from lots of folks located in the U.S. and all over the world. And George Escobedo has always been ready to help with parades and events and he did donate his No. 11 Radio for our next truck (which is progressing). Plus our Arizona contingent (Kevin & Don) shows up when I least expect it. And lets not forget our �Web Master� Scott Miller who does such a wonderful job with these pages.  But it would be nice if at least once or twice a year we could have a dozen LRDG troopers in the camp with a few more vehicles. And that is a possibility too, a new LRDG enthusiast wants to do a S.A.S. or LRDG Jeep and he lives in the Central Valley. Plus there is another contact that would like to work up a CAD program and see about making a few more �Bagnold sun Compasses�. We will see how thinks proceed.            

            We had won a $100.00 Prize in the City of Seaside Parade of Champions on July 5th. But we did not win any recognition at the MVPA Convention. We are not quite sure why, as it has won the last two times we have gone to Convention and are not sure if they have changed their judging standards or methods. The 1 and � ton Trucks class was not even mentioned at the awards banquet.  Oh well you can�t win them all.             

Up coming events:

August 16th � Livermore, CA. � Operation: Welcome Home

August 29th � 31st � Pleasanton, CA.  - Scottish Games  

August 30th � Marina, CA. -Labor Day Parade

September 4th - 7th � Surplus City, Oroville, CA.

September 4th - 7th � Monterey, CA. - Leguna Seca LeMans Race

September 11th � 15th � Reno, NV. -  Air Races

September 11th  - 15th � Monterey, CA. � Cherries Jubilee � Classic Cars

September 16th to Oct.? � Eastern trip 

October 2nd - 4th  -Woodson Bridge � Corning, CA.

October 11th  � Hollister, CA. - Air Faire.

November 11th � Las Vegas, NV. -Veteran�s Day Parade

A few short notes on the above events. We will be attending the Livermore � Operation: Welcome Home, which is honoring the troops that served in Iraq. We are supposed to care the guest of honor. Rick Leventhall, a reporter for FOX News Channel that did extensive war reporting from Iraq. 

May attend the Scottish Games or Marina Parade depending other factors.        

Will attend the Leguna Seca event as they are looking for Military Vehicles for static display.

Not sure if we will attend the Cherries Jubilee or the Reno Air Show. My guess at this time is Reno, as Donna wants to make another trip back East to see the grandkids.  

Not sure about October events as it would depend when we would get back from the East. 

We are definitely planning to attend the Las Vegas Parade in November. 

 Jack Valenti
LRDG Preservation Society

Newsletter for LRDG Preservation Society
June 2003

I am continuing to find and read anything that I can about the LRDG and it�s history. The latest is one I just happened to stumble on at Boarders. The title is �The Lost Oasis� by Saul Kelly. It really covers what went on in North Africa during the early days of desert explorations, and continues through WW II. There are some interesting photos of Count Ladislaus de Almasy and a chapter that covers the story of his behind the English line activities and insertion of two German spies into Egypt. It makes for quite interesting reading.  

Since we are on the subject of �interesting�. All the people that every see the LRDG truck for the first time, their first comments out of their mouth is �The Rat Patrol�. For those to young to remember, this was a TV series that was popular for a two-year period from 1966 to 1968. They had a total of 58 episodes before it ceased production.  The episodes were filmed in Spain rather than in the deserts of North Africa (or even the U.S.). The story line was based on a unit of four main characters (three U.S. GI�s and a Brit) in two Jeeps. They were given impossible missions behind the German and Italian lines in North Africa (Sound familiar?). I have also embarked on a mission, though not impossible.

I have found that there are a number of their episodes available on VHS video and have managed to obtain 28 episodes on 7 tapes. It is amazing the destruction that four guys in jeeps can do to the bad guys, destroying Tanks, Halftracks and any number of other military installations with a couple of 50 cal. machine guns and a few hand grenades. They make for interesting watching although at time they are a little hokey and the story lines are far fetched. I plan to show a few of the episodes at our next military vehicle meets. The guys will get a kick out of them.

Below is an updated tentative schedule for the rest of the year. Dates and places with a question mark are still not definite and subject to change. And we may add others that we become aware off.

July 23rd -thru 26th - Wed. arrival at MVPA Convention Alameda, Ca

August 30th - Marina Labor Day Parade

Sept. 1st Monday � Labor Day

Sept. 4th thru 7th Thursday � Oroville, Ca.?

Sept. 11th � 15th � Reno Air Races. ?

Sept. 26th � 28th � 9th Annual Winnemucca MV Rally & Swap Meet. ?

Oct. 2nd thru 4th Thursday -Woodson Bridge � Corning

Oct. 11th Saturday - Hollister Air Faire.?

Nov. 11th Tuesday - Veteran�s Day  � Las Vegas

Nov. 27th Thursday � Thanksgiving

Dec. 7th Friday � Pearl Harbor Day

Dec. 25th Thursday � Christmas

Jack Valenti
LRDG Preservation Society

Newsletter: Book Review - "Bearded Brigands"
LRDG Preservation Society

December 2002

When I started the LRDG Preservation Society, I never realized that it would have so much worldwide interest. There were a few locals (with in the state of California) that had expressed an interest. But once we had the truck and began taking it to shows in California, Nevada, Oregon and Washington there was many more that shared their admiration of the LRDG and what we were trying to do, which was to promote knowledge of the group and the important part that they played in World War II. I must admit that it has been an interesting and exciting ten-year learning process.

            What has also been an extremely important part of the Society is our web page, which without the able development and constant updates by Scott Miller (the web master) it would still be stuck in the sand.  The web page is a continuing source of contacts throughout the world. And has been our primary media for spreading the word about the LRDG.

            Another useful media has been the new books and articles that continue to appear in print. This brings me to the start of another book review. The first one that I ever did for the web page was Brendan O�Carroll�s, �The Kiwi Scorpion�s. Prior to that I think the last one that I did was in high school and that was along time ago.

            The latest book out about the LRDG is titled �Bearded Brigands�. It is based on the diaries of Frank Jopling and was organized and edited by Brendan O�Carroll. In the beginning the Long Range Patrol (as the LRDG was originally know) was a secret unit and the members were not to take photos or keep diaries. Fortunately for all of us they all didn�t follow the rules. And Trooper Jopling was one of the biggest rule breakers, as he did both take pictures and kept a very detailed diary.

            In this book Brendan starts with a short history of the LRDG, for the first time reader who might not have the reference that you and I might have. Then there are a few pages about Frank Joplin. Then Frank�s diary starts with a Sept. 5th 1940 entry.

            I am not quite sure what I expected but what ever it was, I sure underestimated the contents of this book. Frank must have been writing whenever he wasn�t doing his military duties and then some. He goes into details as to what they had for breakfast, lunch and dinner. He gives distances traveled and goes into a lot of detail that I would never have expected in a diary.

            He did such a fine job that he was made the official historian for the unit. His work continued until his capture after the Barce Raid (Sept. 25th). Unfortunately the journal that he kept after his capture was lost. But you will have to read the book to find out how.   

            Now if you take a peek at my list of books on the �Reference page�, you can see that I have read a large number of books that dealt directly with the LRDG and some that just had some reference to the LRDG.  But this is one of the best for details of everyday LRDG life. Did I say there is 129 photos, some of which I had never seen before.

Jack Valenti
LRDG Preservation Society

Newsletter: Tentative schedule of events for this year.
LRDG Preservation Society

May 2002

Well it’s time to update the web page newsletter. We attended the MVCC Big Bear meet at Waterford, Ca. Some of our supporters from Arizona were unable to make it, and we missed seeing them. Dennis Deck is back in California and he showed up on Sat. afternoon. The truck ran like a top, we took it on about a fifty-mile jaunt. The weather was much nicer this year than it was last year.

We are making plans to attend the Armed Forces Day at Fort Lewis, Washington on May 18th. I am awaiting final details from the coordinator. I plan to go up to Rick’s earlier in the week, and help him get things ready. Rick wants to leave for Washington on Thursday morning so we have plenty of time to get there. I don’t have any details yet so I don’t know exactly where we will be on the base but I am sure that since it will be open to the public there will be plenty of signage and directions.

There is a small contingent of LRDG enthusiasts in that area, led by Perry Montgomery that have offered to help with the set up and standing guard with the truck as needed. We are looking forward to spending some time with them and getting to know them better.

We have been invited to the San Francisco Memorial Day event at the Presidio on Monday May 27th. But as of right now both Rick and I are busy and most likely will not be able to attend. It sounds like a great event. Maybe we will be able to attend next year.

We will be at the Casa event, June 13th through the 16th, as I am in charge. We will not attend the Silverado Concourse; the National in Texas or the Palo Alto Concourse and the next event will be July 4th. I think Rick is trying to get us a spot in the Mt. Shasta Parade, which is close to Yreka.

On other news, the “Desert Raiders”, that’s the group of LRDG guys in England have lent us their “Bagnold Sun Compass”. And it is currently being duplicated. We can’t begin to thank them enough for putting their trust in us, and letting this valuable instrument out of their control. We hope to have it back to them as soon as the foundry is finished with it.

Jack Valenti LRDG Preservation Society

2002 Events and Potential Activities for the LRDG


Newsletter: Tentative schedule of events for this year.
LRDG Preservation Society

February 2002

2002 Events and Potential Activities for the LRDG

Jack Valenti LRDG Preservation Society

LRDG Preservation Society

December 2001

Well we now have our first Veteran’s Day and San Francisco parade under our belt. I had not heard from the parade organizer and was beginning to worry. We did have alternate plans to participate in the San Jose parade. But about 3 weeks before the San Francisco parade, he called me on the phone and we talked for 30 or 40 minutes and he definitely wanted us to be in his parade. So he sent a parade package along with some parking passes and we were all set.

The truck (much to the displeasure of my wife) has been living at our house since the "Casa" meet. So Rick came down and was here by Saturday afternoon, we loaded the truck and headed for George’s place (to spend the night) in San Jose. We had our crew of three (Rick, George and myself) plus a WW II veteran (Rick’s brother-in-law) Ed. Edwards who served in the CIB area during WW II.

Under a dark cloudy sky, threatening rain, we unloaded the truck and dressed it up near City Hall and drove it to Second and Howard and were early for the 1:00 o’clock start. We were number 36 in a long parade. The parade started on time and we paraded up Market (from 2nd to 8th street) turned up Hyde and passed the judging stand at City Hall in front of an estimated crowd of 50,000. We received lots of applause, salutes and thumbs up from the crowd. Although it looked like it was going to rain any minute during the parade, it never did.

We undressed and loaded the truck on the trailer in record time and the parade was still in progress at 3:30 PM. We grabbed a bit to eat and were on our way. I have since been informed that we took a first place in the "Antique Car" category and we will be receiving a plaque in 3 or 4 weeks.

Jack Valenti LRDG Preservation Society

LRDG Preservation Society

July 2001

I have been a little slow on up dating the events page, because I have been busy going to events. Since the death of Maj. Gen. David Lloyd Owen (April 5th), we have participated in a number of exciting events.

1. April 9th we attended Pacific Grove Good Old Day’s parade where the truck and the LRDG troopers are well received. Then we had a “tail gate” party for all those military participants. We always tell everyone that the LRDG was the originator of the “tail gate” party and have the photos to prove it.

2. April 12th to 14th we attended our MVCC club meet at Waterford Ca. (what we call Big Bear as it is held at the Big Bear RV park there). That was not good event as the weather was against us and it rained, but in true LRDG fashion we did stay thru the 14th.

3. Then on June 9th we took the truck to the “American Truck Historical Society’s” show at the Reno, Nevada Hilton. There were over 500 trucks of various sizes that participated. Only about a dozen military trucks and we had a lot of favorable comments on our truck.

4. We missed several of our MVCC club meets, due to some conflicts (I went to Hawaii for 2 weeks & Rick was busy trying to make a living). But this past week (June 12th to the 24th) one of the Confederate Air Forces B-17’s was at the Medford, Oregon airport and the Southern Oregon Military Vehicle Collectors Club had a static display in conjunction. And since Rick belongs to this group we were there, again getting favorable comments although we did have to compete with the B-17, which was a lot bigger.

Now I had a few new experiences with that event. 

1. I got to (read had to) drive our 1942 “Camp White” Chevrolet to and from that event. And this took me back some 45 years ago when I was driving my fathers 1946 Chevrolet. I did a lot of “double clutching” going over the mountains and back.

2. Rick and I got to ride in the B-17. Which was very exciting. But I decided that I never want to be a bombardier in one. I’ll stick with United.

3. We got to meet another LRDG enthusiast. Perry Montgomery from the Seattle Area drove some 470 miles to see the truck and spend some time with us. He showed up in uniform and with LRDG shoulder flashes. So he managed to get is photo taken on the truck with the B-17 in the background.

Here is some news on future events.

1. July 4th in Rick’s area – he hasn’t told me yet. But most likely will be in Shasta City Parade or in the Medford area.

2. July 9th I will be leaving for the Beltring “War & Peace Show” in England. Returning on July 24th.

3. I know of nothing in August that we will be participating in, but you never can tell what may come up.

4. September 6th through 8th our MVCC “Woodson Bridge” meet.

5. October 11th through 14th our MVCC “Casa de Fruta” meet.

I will have Scott post some photos as soon as I get them back from processing.

Jack Valenti LRDG Preservation Society

LRDG Preservation Society

April. 2001

This is to let everyone know that Major-General David Lloyd Owen, the last Commanding Officer of the LRDG has past away. The obituary below was published in the Daily Telegraph (UK). Our prays go out to all of his family.
Jack Valenti LRDG Preservation Society

Major-General David Lloyd Owen

MAJOR-GENERAL DAVID LLOYD OWEN, who has died aged 83, commanded the Long Range Desert Group from 1943 to 1945. In the course of the war he won both the DSO and the MC, the latter awarded for his part in the joint raid on Tobruk by the LRDG and the SAS in September 1942. "Danger," he wrote, "has some kind of satanic appeal to me. I am drawn towards it in an octopus-like grip of fear."

Nevertheless, he recalled, "I was often frightened, often tired, often worried, and very often longing to be doing some other thing or to be in some other place when danger was lurking."

His experiences caused him to analyse courage very thoughtfully and to decide that ultimately it stemmed from self-discipline. He was also strongly aware of moral courage, and recognized that this was sometimes needed in conditions which sorely taxed mere physical bravery.

Such situations were an almost daily occurrence for the members of the LRDG, which Lloyd Owen joined in July 1941. Born of the expertise of a handful of pre-war desert explorers, notably Ralph Bagnold, it ranged freely over North Africa, travelling hundreds of miles behind enemy lines to gather information for the 8th Army; in early 1942, the LRDG made a round trip of 1,500 miles in 19 days, much of it through completely featureless terrain.

Its troops navigated the sands with the help of the stars and a sun compass. They also knew how to negotiate treacherous surfaces, and to conserve water with special condensers, but above all they learned to read tracks so that they could tell how many vehicles, men or camels had gone in various directions.

After the SAS was formed in November 1941, it came to rely on the LRDG to assist it to its destinations - and then to recover its men rapidly when their work was done. But reconnaissance always remained the primary purpose of the LRDG. They did not seek confrontation, but when they encountered it often inflicted just as much damage as the SAS.

In his memoirs The Desert My Dwelling Place (1957) and Providence Their Guide (1980), Lloyd Owen recalled that sometimes men were isolated on these occasions and left behind, but then accomplished remarkable feats of endurance. Once nine men walked 200 miles back to base, fortified by a single packet of biscuits and a few mouthfuls of water. He also remembered the discomfort of lying on watch all night in the pouring rain, and the constant worries for the wounded and the sick when a patrol was hundreds of miles from help.

Lloyd Owen took command of the LRDG in the winter of 1943, when it was operating in the Aegean. The troops he led were of the finest quality, but were independent and would not accept anything but the best type of leadership. This he provided, but did so by making his men feel like his partners in a joint adventure. He had a friendly and rather relaxed style of command, based on persuasion and shared hardships. The mutual confidence this bred would reap an uncommonly rich dividend.

David Lanyon Lloyd Owen, the son of a captain in the Royal Navy, was born at Hampton, Middlesex, on October 10 1917. He was educated at Winchester and Sandhurst and was commissioned into The Queen's Royal Regiment in 1938. He began his military service in Palestine during the Arab rebellion. When the Italians moved towards Mersah Matruh, his regiment was sent to Egypt and in December 1940 he took part in Wavell's offensive, which reached Benghazi.

In March 1941 he was posted to the Middle East Officer Cadet Training Unit in Cairo, and to his disgust found himself in charge of administration. But he soon met a member of the Long Range Desert Group, and managed to join the unit. At first Lloyd Owen was somewhat surprised by the informality - even the sheer scruffiness - of his new comrades, but he quickly began to blend in.

In September 1942, he was severely wounded in an air raid on Kufra, the LRDG's base, but recovered in time for the final stages of the North African campaign. In May 1943 the LRDG was sent to Lebanon, where it was trained for a new role in mountain warfare. However, it was then unexpectedly posted to the Aegean. There it took part in the battle for Leros, where Lloyd Owen's predecessor as CO, Jake Easonsmith, was killed.  

Having taken charge of the unit, Lloyd Owen based himself at Bari, in southern Italy, from which he mounted a successful raid on Corfu and staged operations in the Dalmatian islands and Yugoslavia. In September 1944, he was parachuted into Albania at night. Shortly after landing he fell 30 ft into a ravine and severely damaged his spine. The LRDG's doctor was parachuted in to set the back in plaster; he dropped with a bottle of whisky strapped to his leg, it being Lloyd Owen's birthday.

Despite being in continual pain, Lloyd Owen directed operations in the mountains for the next three months. As he became more mobile, he expanded his activities by adroit purchases of everything from mountain ponies to information. The only viable currency was gold, whose use brought its own risks. "I never felt really safe carrying 500 gold sovereigns," he recalled.

Eventually Lloyd Owen was evacuated to Italy, was successfully operated on, and told not to return to his former activities. But he managed to bluff his way past a medical board and returned to Albania, although this time by boat. The LRDG was eventually disbanded in June 1945. For his leadership in the Balkans, Lloyd Owen was awarded the DSO that year.

After the war, he had various appointments in Britain, including a period on the staff at Sandhurst. In 1952, he was appointed Military Assistant to the High Commissioner in Malaya. He then commanded the 1st Battalion of The Queen's Royal Regiment from 1957 to 1959. In the early 1960s he led 24 Infantry Brigade Group in Kenya and was then, from 1966 to 1968, GOC, Cyprus District. From 1968 to 1969 he was GOC, Near East Land Forces and, from 1969 to 1972, president of the Regular Commissions Board. He was appointed OBE in 1954 and CB in 1971.

David Lloyd Owen was a man of great charm, immaculate appearance (when not on operations) and remarkable skill and endurance. He won the admiration of the members of the LRDG - many of them tough Rhodesians and New Zealanders - not merely for his daring but also for his sheer stamina, as well as for his tactical knowledge and foresight.

In retirement, much of his time was given to the Long Range Desert Group Association, of which he was chairman from 1945 until its final reunion last year. He married, in 1957, Ursula Barclay. They had three sons.

LRDG Preservation Society
Jan. 2001

I have been asked by the Publisher, Token Publishing Ltd. and the Author, of "The Kiwi Scorpions", Brendan O'Carroll to review his book for the web page, since many LRDG enthusiasts visit us. Now I have never claimed to be a writer nor a book critic but I will do my best.

I received a review copy from the publisher on Dec 8th. I was initially surprised at the physical size of the book, which is whopping 12 inches by 8 inches. Most of my other LRDG reference books are about half that size. The number of pages (228) is about average for this type of book. Another surprise is the quality of the paper stock, with so many books coming out in paperback; it is pleasant to find that they used a heavy quality paper. When turning the pages one gets the feeling that you have two pages instead of one. The book is hardbound with a rich black leather type finish and the LRDG cap badge in gold is embossed on the front, with the title in gold on the spine.

The first thing I did was to go through the book an examine its 256 photo's and captions, that's right 256. With so many I thought that I was going through someone's photo album, some pages only have photos and captions. Now I generally do not markup any of my books, but incase you are not as picky as I there is plenty of border room to make your own notes. Next I started reading, which took more days than I intended because the holiday seem to get in the way. The time in history covered is July 1940 until Dec. 1943, which is the specific time period the New Zealand troops were involved with the LRDG. Brendan has the usual Introductions, Acknowledgments, Map of North Africa, and something that I had not seen before, "The LRP Lament" and a poem "A Dedication to Brave Men".

The rest of the book is divided into chapters in a manner similar to the Osprey Vanguard book, i.e. Formation, Early Offensive Operations, Navigation, Transport, and Weapons etc. That may sound a little confusing but trust me Brendan has done an excellent job. He had the opportunity to interview a number of surviving LRDG members that live in New Zealand and had access to the diaries of many more. Now as I was going through each chapter I kept coming across information that I did not know or answer to questions that I had been looking for. So for you other LRDG enthusiasts this book is a must to be added to your collection.

Now for the bad news... with such a high quality book, with loads of information and so many previously unpublished photos there is going to be a price to pay. It is available in England for 25 pounds plus 3.75 pounds postage, which equates to $40.00 plus $6.00 postage in the U.S. It will be available in Australia & N.Z. soon but I don't know how much. But I personally think that it is well worth it, and you won't be disappointed. A photo of the book will be posted on the web page soon and I have purchased a number of copies if you are interested, contact me at

LRDG Preservation Society
Nov. 2000

Well the Casa de Fruta meet just gets bigger and better. However one must expect a little difficulty when a meet is held on Friday the 13th, especially when there is also full moon. What’s that saying? “You have to break some eggs to make an omelet.”Well when I arrived about noon on Thursday there were several early birds, Steve Goebel and his family from AZ., John Werner had staked out a good campsite and Fred Askew was there talking with John. By the time the sun was setting we had reached our 13th victim (I mean camper).

Now George Escobedo (our trusty LRDG side kick) had promised us (Rick & I) a classic LRDG dinner of “Bully Beef Stew”. Which he promptly started after his camp sight was put in order. When it was ready John Werner was coerced in joining us.  I really don’t know what all the fuss has been about “Bully Beef Stew” because is was good. Now if I had to eat it for 2 or 3 week at a time that would be another story. But George did a great job.I have been thinking of calling this an “international” meet because we had several visitors from other countries.  Kevin Bovill was just finishing up a seven-month tour of the U.S. He had seen our LRDG web page before he left Australia and wanted to see the truck and meet Rick and I. So when he was in Rick’s area he had the opportunity to meet Rick and see the truck. When he finally found his way to Monterey I put him up for a couple of nights. His plans were to be in L.A. on Thursday but they changed suddenly when he heard about our meet and what we had planned. 

Ray Atsma had a friend, Molly Vawerf (sp) visiting from Holland that he dragged along (just kidding). Molly belongs to MVPA and a local club in Holland and has several MVs that he has restored, he seemed to know a lot about jeeps – but Ray was translating for him (more on him later). Now for the Friday the 13th stories, the Hollister Off Road event was cancelled (while we were on our way there) as we found out that the Park was closed. As we found out they were having a motorcycle event. Now just to show you how versatile our group is I gave them a choice of doing the “Pinnacles” run or repeating the “Fremont Peak” run. They voted on the Fremont Peak so that’s where we went, had lunch then returned to the park by 2:00, without incidents.

While we were running around the countryside the “Viola’s” were having some type of electrical problem and arrived later than they planed. But the “pumpkin” carving class still went on they had about 26 students – mostly adults from what I heard. Thanks L.K. If we were to give awards for the best looking campsite they would have won hands down. On Saturday morning we departed the park with 20 vehicles (on time) and headed for Hollister Airport, meet several other MV there, for their open house. Saw lot of expensive airplanes. Counted seven P-51’s and a Saber Jet plus a number of WW II trainers and civilian aircraft. About 12:30 I started to round up everyone for the convoy to the Marina Airport open house, and found out that I was to loose half of my convoy for one reason or another (nothing mechanical).

 So ten of us headed off for Marina. When we got to Castroville I found out that Ken Allen’s Dodge truck decided to up a quit with a fuel pump problem (Kim Sievert stuck with him). So eight of us arrived at Marina, where we caused a stir of excitement, they feed us some lunch and after the 2 F-16 made there screaming past over the airport we departed about 4:00. On the way back the jeeps stopped for gas and we got separated and as Triple A had not shown up for Ken we had “Werner’s Towing Service” move Ken’s truck out of sight to be repaired later that night. When we arrived back at the park the barbecue crew was hard at work preparing the food and served about 40 dinners plus they had a raffle too (see Phil Costa’s report). Now Saturday night I had to leave about 8:30 to pick up my wife at the San Jose airport. (Seems like I spend a lot of time at airports on that day.)  I heard that I missed out on some type of glass blowing contest. But you will have to ask Kurt or Kim who the winner was.

Sunday morning we were greeted with sunshine and John Werner (Werner’s Towing Service) had set up the boundaries for the slow race. We had a full line for the first race (we had to have two). The final race had four entrants. The 1st place winner was a “Pinzgauer” driven backwards by owner Carl Thompson. Driver Molly Vawerf driving backwards in Ray’s 43 Jeep won second place (I told you that you would hear more about him) and Damon Viola in his Dodge truck that had given him trouble on Friday won 3rd place.   After congratulations and pictures were taken the park slowly emptied and by 1 O’clock most everyone was gone.

I would like to thank everyone that came and contributed in any manner to the success of this event. I am working with Rick and my Wife on next year’s events for the LRDG Preservation Society. I will post them on the web as details become available. I hope to see more of you next year.

Happy Holidays
Jack & Rick

MVCC Central Coast VP Report
August 2000

           Well I just don’t know were to begin after a three-week wonderful vacation. So I guess I might as well start with the first item and that was the "War & Peace Show" in Beltring. What can I say after "AWESOME". Since I am fairly new to this world of Military Vehicle collecting, restoration etc.  Having just started the LRDG project in 1991/1992. I thought that the 1996 Convention was big when I saw almost 200 vehicles there. Well I sure was impressed with the size of this show. I would be safe in saying that there have not been this many military vehicles south of London since the Normandy invasion. There were over 3000 vehicles registered, and although that included WW II bicycles and motorcycles it still left an impressive array of wheeled and tracked vehicles some of which I have only seen in books and magazines. The site is so big that I was not able to see everything in the five days. Plus they had a number of events in a large arena, like tanks crushing cars and several reenactment battles. Just awesome!

           When we arrived our passes were there waiting, courtesy of Paul Lincoln and his crew. Their encampment was easy to spot, as it was one of the few "desert" displays. They use about 4000 Sq. Ft. of burlap as a desert floor, then set up their vehicles and tents on top. It is quite impressive, sure beats bringing in 23 tons of sand. Their vehicles are also impressive, Paul has a LRDG jeep that he has recreated as Capt. Alastair Timpson’s of G Patrol. Paul and Clinton Long also own a F30 Ford in LRDG pattern recreated in Y Patrol pattern. Then Adrian Brown has a Chevy (just like ours – well not just like it – there are a few minor differences) as in T Patrol. Also in true LRDG fashion they had in their encampment a beautiful SAS jeep bristling with K-guns and a Browning 50 that was owned by Peter Sanders. It was such a fine example that Peter got two awards. One was for best jeep at the show and second place best vehicle at the show (Congratulations Peter).

           These blokes were just wonderful, they treated us like old friends, instead of some one that they had just meet (which they had). Made us feel like we were at Big Bear or Woodson Bridge. The only problem that I had they kept trying to get me to drink tea.  Paul also presented Rick and I with autographed copies of the new release of David Lloyd Owens book "Providence Their Guide". 

           Another big thrill that I had was being able to meet some of the original LRDG members. Jim Patch the secretary of the LRDG Association arrived on Saturday about 3 PM and we talked about 90 minutes. Just as Jim left another member showed up his name is Bernie Feirs , we gave him a LRDG Preservation Society T-shirt and he talked to us for about an hour.. We also had the pleasure of meeting one of the original SAS members that survived the first parachute jumps in 1941 (his name is Jim Horsefield) 

           Some of our local LRDG enthusiast also made the "War and Peace Show"; our faithful crewman George Escobedo was there with his wife Mary and daughter Ann Marie. Ann Marie has been our rear gunner in number of parades. Also Dennis Deck was there looking for anything that he could find to finish up his CMP truck that he is restoring as an LRDG support vehicle. Dennis was also instrumental in finding for me a LRDG photo album; unfortunately a large number of photos were missing. (Thanks Dennis). After the War and Peace it was off to London, York & Edinburgh and then to Ireland. But I won’t bore you with that part of the trip.

   Jack & Rick

Show Schedule:
1. July 19th - 23rd
- We were at Beltring.
2. August 18th - 20th - Rick may be down for the Old Time Auto Races.
3. Sept. 7th, 8th & 9th - MVCC Woodson Bridge meet - Corning Ca.
4. Sept. 9th, 10th & 11th - Desert Battle in Reno area.
5. Sept. 22nd - 24th - Cherries Jubilee Car Show Monterey (?)
6. Oct. 12th - 15th - MVCC Casa de Fruta meet

LRDG Preservation Society Newsletter
July 8th, 2000

I have just returned from a moving Korean Commemoration ceremony at the Presidio of Monterey (June 30, 2000). All branches of the services were represented on the parade grounds. Some of the speeches were a little long but appropriate. I was disappointed that there were not more people from the community present, but I especially liked the fly over by two P-51 Mustangs (from the Hollister War Birds- my idea) as they were sounding recall and lowering the flag.

My call for MV's to participate in the event was answered by a number of members of MVCC in our area. And one member that has to be in my southern most territory (John Bodnar). We had a total of 5 jeeps (assorted vintages) and 2 trucks. They placed the vehicles between several of the class buildings where students saw them going to and from their classes. The military provided some security and Don Soule (who brought his jeep) stayed with the vehicles throughout the day. I got a personal thank you from the Presidio Commandant (Col. Devlin), as we walked to the commemoration ceremonies, for our participation in the events.

Early July 1st found us preparing for the Seaside parade; we had some out of town folks so up for this too. John Bodnar stayed over and Steve Smith and family (12 grandkids etc) showed up in his Weapons Carrier from San Jose. The rest of us were local. The head count was six jeeps, three trucks and the WC. The Salinas parade, which was supposed to be on the Sunday, was cancelled. I have yet to find out why.

We had a couple of days off, and then early on the 4th we set out for the Monterey Parade. There we joined up with Jim Beards "Special Forces Unit" composed of 3 jeeps two trucks and a WC. I think that the crowds were bigger this year that last and seemed more enthusiastic. The "Veterans for Peace" were in the parade this year "instead of under it."

Now we are directing our efforts to getting ready for our England (Beltring) and Ireland trip. We leave on the 17th and will return on Aug 7th. I will be out of e-mail contact for that time, so any questions will be answered when I get back. Plus I will give you a full report of Beltring when I get back. Revised schedule is below.

1. July 19th - 23rd - We plan to be at Beltring (with out the truck). Plan to do 3 weeks abroad in England & Ireland.
2. August 18th - 20th - Rick may be down for the Old Time Auto Races.
3. Sept. 7th, 8th & 9th - MVCC Woodson Bridge meet - Corning Ca.
4. Sept. 9th, 10th & 11th - Desert Battle in Reno area.
5. Sept. 22nd - 24th - Cherries Jubilee Car Show Monterey (?)
6. Oct. 12th - 15th - MVCC Casa de Fruta meet

Thanks again for all of your support.
Rick & Jack

Jack Valenti
LRDG Preservation Society Newsletter
May 5th 2000, Volume 4 No. 3

This is a note to follow up on our activities this past month and to update the calendar of future events. The "Good Old Days Parade" was a success. All but one of vehicles showed up  and we did have a good tail gate party. I’ll have Scott post some of the pictures on the web page. The truck was running fine (Rick again has done a great job on the maintenance). He would have made a great "fitter" for the original LRDG.

Waterford (Big Bear) was also successful, although we didn’t do well in the "slow race". I good-naturedly blamed George (Escobedo) who was driving. But he really didn’t have a chance. The winner was a "Scorpion" light tank. Rather appropriate that the LRDG was beat out by a "Scorpion". Kevin Canham and Don Hamilton came to see us all the way from Arizona.

The Commemorative Historical Society has decided to postpone the "Desert Battle" in the Reno area until sometime in September. There were apparently to many other conflicting events in May. As soon as they decide the date and I will pass it on. This is something that Rick and I would like to take part in.

As I thought the Las Vegas "Great Western" was not as good as the Los Angeles show. There were half a dozen military vehicles there from the Las Vegas area, but the show lacked the multitude of vendors and visitors. For some reason the show promoter did not do any local advertising. I am glad that we didn't take the truck. We did see a couple of our LRDG enthusiast but not many. I am pretty sure that we will not be going back to the fall show (Sept. 15th), as there will be a number of events that will not be as far away that we will want to participate in, like the "desert battle".

Revised schedule is below.
1. June 3rd - 4th - Silverado Concours d’Elegance at Mare Island
2. July 1st - We have been invited to the Seaside (July 4th ) parade
3. July 2nd - I assume will be the Monterey parade, if not we might have to do 2 parades in one day. And we have done that before.
4. July 19th - 23rd - We plan to be at Beltring (with out the truck). Plan to do 3 weeks abroad in England & Ireland.
5. August 18th – 20th Rick will probable be down for the Old Time Auto Races.
6. Sept. 7th,8th &9th . MVCC Woodson Bridge meet.
7. Sept. 22nd 24th - Cherries Jubilee Car Show Monterey (?) - deer opener.
8. Oct. 12th - 15th MVCC Casa de Fruta meet

Thanks again for all of your support.

Rick & Jack

LRDG Preservation Society Newsletter
March 20th. 2000, Volume 4 No.2

Well this is a follow up on my Jan. Newsletter to keep you all informed as to what is happening with the LRDG Preservation Society. The Pacific Grove "Good Old Days Parade" is looming on the horizon (April 8th). We have accumulated an entourage of twelve military vehicles for the parade. The plan is for them to all congregate at my place then we will convoy to the parade starting point, do the parade, and convoy back to my place for sandwiches and sodas (or maybe a beer) and swap some lies. My truck crew will be here (Rick will be driving, George Escobedo will man the Vickers and I’ll man the Bren). We will have plenty of room in the vehicles so if you want to "dress up" we can get you a ride in the parade, just give me a call.

Rick tells me that he is doing a bunch of mechanical work on the truck (I know that 2nd gear was a problem and the radiator was leaking at Casa de Fruita) so I can assume that he is fixing those. What else I am not sure. I am sure that he will tell me when I see him on the 8th. Big Bear is still on (April 13th – 16th), I am looking forward to the drive through Waterford and seeing a bunch of fans at this meet. We will be in the same spot we were in last year. (West end of the campgrounds). There will be elections of (MVCC) officers. I think I’ll be reelected (read railroaded) as Vice President Central Coast again unless one of you would like to volunteer for the job.

We have been invited to participate in a "Desert Battle" by the Commemorative Historical Society the dates are supposed to be the 11th – 14th of May. It will be in the Reno area and I think that Rick and I might try to participate in it (it sounds like fun).  Now for a little disappointment – we will be going to Las Vegas – but as of now I do not think we will be taking the truck. There are several reasons for this; one is the current price of gasoline (we are trying so save some of our money for our England trip), the second is the distance involved for Rick which is over 2800 miles round trip. Since the Las Vegas truck trip is out then the Silverado Concours d’Elegance at Mare Island on June 3rd and 4th is looking much better. Revised schedule is below.

1. April 8th - Pacific Grove "Good Old Days Parade"
2. April 13th – 16th - Big Bear Meet – Waterford
3. April 27th – May 1st – Las Vegas Great Western Show (with out the Truck)
4. May 11th – 14th – "Desert Battle" with CHS
5. June 3rd - 4th - Silverado Concours d’Elegance at Mare Island
6. July 4th. We have been invited again to the Monterey parade
7. July 19th. - 23rd. We plan to be at Beltring (with out the truck).Plan to do 3 weeks abroad in England & Ireland.
8. August 18th.- 20th. Rick will probably be down for the Old Time Auto Races.
9. Sept. 7th. - 9th. MVCC Woodson Bridge meet.
10. Sept. 22nd. - 24th. Cherries Jubilee Car Show Monterey (?)
11. Sept. 28th. - Oct 1st. Great Western Show (may be take the truck this time in Las Vegas) (?)
12. Oct. 12th. - 15th. MVCC Casa de Fruta meet

Thanks for all of your support.

Rick & Jack

Jack Valenti
LRDG Preservation Society Newsletter
Jan. 20th. 2000, Volume 4 No.1

Well Y2K was a big bust. One of my New Years resolutions is to be more timely with the news letter. So here it is the first one for the year 2000. One of the first orders of business is that I want to give a big THANK YOU to Prof. Vance Haynes for his gift of a British 1941 fuel can (flimsy) that he brought back from one of his trips from the North African desert. He has visited a number of the old LRDG camp sites and found many interesting artifacts. The flimsy will be displayed with the truck on it’s next outing. I plan to take a picture and have it posted on the web page in the near future. Thanks again Professor.

Many of you have asked me how you can support the LRDG Preservation Society since we don’t charge any membership dues. (I might loose all my members if I charged dues J ). Well anyway I just received the bill for this coming years web page which I have paid (and will continue to pay) since its development by Scott (our Web Master). But if someone would like to donate the cost of one month’s web page . We could post that the month of Feb. (or March etc.) is sponsored by so and so. The current cost per month is $20.00 which is a bargain (because Scott has so many pages and he keeps adding more). So if anyone would like to show your support let Scott or I know and we will get it started.

Now for this years activities. We have another full year planned. But it doesn’t start until April. I’ll just list them for now and details will follow later.

1. April 8th. Pacific Grove Good Old Days Parade.
2. April 13th. - 16th. MVCC Big Bear meet at Waterford CA.
3. April 27th. - 30th. Great Western Show (now in Las Vegas NV.)
4. June 3rd. - 4th. Silverado Concours d’Elegance at Mare Island (?)
5. July 4th. We will do a parade somewhere - just don’t know where yet
6. July 19th. - 23rd. We plan to be at Beltring (with out the truck).Plan to do 3 weeks abroad  in England & Ireland.
7. August 18th.- 20th. Rick will probable be down for the Old Time Auto Races.
8. Sept. 14th. - 17th. MVCC Woodson Bridge meet.
9. Sept. 22nd. - 24th. Cherries Jubilee Car Show Monterey (?)
10. Sept. 28th. - Oct 1st. Great Western Show (again in Las Vegas) (?)
11. Oct. 12th. - 15th. MVCC Casa de Fruta meet

The three with the question marks are maybes. And as much as I would like to attend the MVPA National Convention in Kansas City (Aug 10 - 13) it wouldn’t be possible because we will most likely just have gotten back from England. And as I am still a working stiff it will be back to the old grind and save up some money for the next show. If you have and suggestions let me know.

Thanks for all of your support.

Rick & Jack

Jack Valenti
LRDG Preservation Society Newsletter
Nov. 20th 1999
Volume 3 No.4

I have again been remiss in my reporting of past events since the last newsletter, which was just after the MVPA convention in June. And for that I do apologize. We attended the MVCC Woodson bridge meet in Sept. and had the opportunity to ride in a "tracked" vehicle. Which was a new and different experience for me. October was a busy month as I was in charge of the "Casa de Fruta" MVCC meet Oct. 14th to 17th. It was better than last years meet but not as well attended as I was expecting. On Friday Oct. 15th a group of ten vehicles went to Hollister Hills (an off road park) to test our vehicles and driving skills. We had a few interesting adventures and one vehicle blew a clutch on the way down the hill and had to be towed back to the meet. On the following day fourteen vehicles convoyed to the top of "Fremont Peak" a local state park, from there we were able to see all of the Monterey Bay area. The "truck" performed well on both the off road and convoy trips. The off road was the harder of the two trips "just ask Rick" as he did all the driving. At the end of Oct. my wife and I went to the "Great Western Show" but it wasn't the same without the truck. But we still had a good time. The future of the show is in jeopardy because of all the new gun laws so we will have to see what happens next year. But if the have one in May we'll be there.

The first scheduled activity next year will be the "Big Bear "meet which is on April 13 through 15th. By then all the Y2K crisis should be over. We will also go to the "Great Western" if they have it in May. I want to go to England in July for the "Beltring" Military Vehicle meet. I understand that they have over 2000 vehicles. I can’t afford to transport the truck to the show as much as I would like to (unless one of you would like to cover the cost). I plan to link up with the LRDG group in England (Paul Lincoln & Adrian Brown) and admire their Ford & Chevy trucks. They (Paul & Adrian) told me to bring my uniform so I can hang out with them at their encampment.

Those of you that get this by "snail mail" should really consider getting on the Internet. It has been a boon to the LRDG Preservation Society. We have our own web address "" and Scott Miller (our web master) has done a great job with keeping it updated with pictures from all the different events that we attend. It has also led to a number of contacts from former LRDG members and their families. These contacts have been very supportive of our efforts to keep the memory of the LRDG alive and by providing photo’s and additional information about the LRDG. You should really check it out because you don’t get any of the pictures with the "snail mail". If you do get or have Internet capabilities let me know as postage for the "newsletter" is getting expensive.

Thanks for all of your support.

Rick & Jack

Past & Upcoming Activities of the LRDG Preservation Society

Well we have had a busy and exciting two months. After a relaxing two weeks in Hawaii with my family, I came back to work for a few days before the MVPA convention in San Jose got started. I arrived at the fair grounds Wed. morning about 10:AM and found a flurry of activities going on. I had no luck in getting sand and railroad ties donated for my crazy sand box idea, so when I got to the fair grounds I did some fancy leg work and found someone to get 15 cu yards of sand delivered to the fair grounds by 3 PM that afternoon. Then I had to get the railroad ties, which took most of the rest of the afternoon. At 2:45 one of the biggest double dump trucks showed up with the sand (no one told me that 15 cu.yards of sand weight 23 tons). Well he dumped in almost in the right spot. Then George (Escobedo) and I started shoveling sand. One of the fairgrounds people took pity on us and showed up with a small motorized dirt mover that saved us 8 hours of back breaking work. Rick had been delayed in traffic (likely story - he didn't want to shovel sand), and got to the fairgrounds about 7:30 PM. We then spent the next 2 hours setting up the truck display. We didn't get home until about midnight and had to get up early the next day (the 1st. day of the convention).

All the work was worth it because everyone LOVED the display and we took "Best Display" at the convention. We also took 1st. place in our class (1 1/2 ton truck) "Motor Pool Ready". There will be pictures on the net and I'll have some at the next meet. After all that excitement we brought the truck back to my place so I could have it for the Seaside parade on July 3rd and the Monterey parade on July 4th. George (Escobedo) and his daughter Ann Marie were my crew for the Seaside parade. George has been a great helper and LRDG supporter. He has even found a "British No 11" radio when no one else could. Jerry Lee (What Price Glory) was my rear gunner and Jeff Davis (a local friend) and his 4 year old son Max rounded out my crew for the Monterey parade. Max had a great time waving to all the on lookers. All in all it has been a fabulous June and July. Now will rest up for Sept. I am looking over the calendar now to see were we will be next.

Rick & Jack

Past & Upcoming Activities of the LRDG Pres. Society
3\15\99, Vol. 3 #2

This will be an interim report because there has been so much going on. We started off with a flurry of activity on March 25th. when Rick & I took the truck to the Riverside Air Show. There were a total of 22 MV's, most from the Inland Empire group, plus a bevy of planes and classic autos. We ran across Wm. (Bill) Leuer again. Bill has some neat WW I vehicles, that were displayed next to us. It was a long way to go for a one day show, but it paid off because we got a trophy for "Best Motor Pool Ready". Then a couple of weeks later (April 10th.) we participated in the "Pacific Grove Good Old Days" parade. There were a total of 6 MV's, mostly from the local area. It was the first time that some of the local folks had the opportunity to view the LRDG truck. It seem to be a big hit, but what do I know I am real partial to this old truck.

Less than a week later we were at the Waterford "Big Bear" MVCC meet. Kevin Canham showed up with his 41 Dodge Carryall (painted in appropriate Desert Sand with Australian Desert Rats painted on the sides). It looked great next to the truck. We tried to participate in the MVCC "slow" race but I guess we were to slow, got there after they started. May be next year. There was the usual parade through Waterford with a drive past all the grade schools where the kids were out waiting for us. They loved us. Rick and I took off early Sat. morning, chasing some old "Burma Jeep Trucks" that didn't pan out. We didn't need them anyway.

Then last but not least we went to the Great Western Show the end of April. Getting there was a little different this time. The tow rig broke an axle on the way down the big hill into San Luis Obispo. Rick had to do "field repairs" while Donna & I chased for parts etc. to get us back on the road. We finally arrived in Los Angeles at 4am Friday. Friday it rained so we didn't get the truck set up until Sat. am. After that things settled down to "normal". Except on Rick's return trip he had trouble with the starter and had to facilitate another "field repair". Next thing on our agenda is the "MVPA International Convention" at the San Jose Fair Grounds on June 24th thru the 27th, be there or be square.

Rick & Jack

Past & Upcoming Activities of the LRDG Pres. Society

Well we are looking at this years calendar to arrange the LRDG activities. And it looks like this will be the following schedule for the first half of the year. We are planning the first outing to the "Riverside Air Show" on the weekend of March 27th. We have been invited by the Inland Empire Military Vehicle Club who has a display at the Great Western Show. I would hope that we will have a good showing from the Southern Ca. support group. We will arrive at the Riverside Airport on Friday afternoon and setup the truck and display. Then instead of taking the truck back to Rick's we will bring it here to my place so I will have it here for "Pacific Grove Good Old Days" parade on April 10th. I will try to get several other vehicles from the MVCC to join me in the parade.

We will pass on the "Celebrate History" show this year because if conflicts with the MVCC Big Bear Show on April 15th thru 18th. We already have our reservations at the Park that weekend and will be in the same spot as last year. Then 11 days later we will go to the Great Western Show in Los Angles. The dates are April 29th, 30th & May 1st. Then the next BIG SHOW will be the MVPA National Convention at San Jose. MVCC is the hosting chapter and the show will be at the Santa Clara County Fair Grounds on June 24, 25,26 & 27th. I am in charge of the Auction so if you have anything of value that you care to donate the MVCC gets all the proceeds.

I have had some interesting correspondence and communications from around the world about the LRDG. One French gentleman sent a letter (I can't read it, it's in French and I forgot most of my high school French) and a picture of his 1/35 scale LRDG truck. And another contact from Nova Scotia (Colin Facey) called, we talked a long time on his dime. He said that if I can come up with some drawings on the "Bagnold Sun Compass" he feels certain that he could make one. Anyone out there have what we can use for drawings?

Rick & Jack

Past & Upcoming Activities of the LRDG Pres. Society

Well this could be a 2 page newsletter as I have 4 different shows to report on. But I'll try to make it as short as possible and cover everything. Number one was the MVCC Woodson Bridge meet in Corning, which was on Sept. 9th thru 12th. I could not get away from work before Fri. noon (10th) , so we missed the parade thur Corning, but understand it was a great success, along with the usual stop for lunch at the "Olive Pit Restaurant" . When we did arrive Rick had the camp site all set up, so there was nothing to do but to enjoy the vehicles. Saturday night we participated in the Hawaiian Tee Shirt contest (Donna made us matching shirts). We won a prize (but so did everyone else that took part, even the dogs ). We left on Sunday.

The second show was the Soldier of Fortune Convention in Las Vegas, which started Sept. 24th. Donna & I flew in on Tuesday (Rick had the pleasure of trailering the truck 20 hours from his place). He arrived Wed. and we set up the truck on Thursday morning. We had an opportunity to renew some old acquaintances from when we were there 4 year ago, plus met a number of folks that became enamored with the truck. While we were at the vehicle and gun show our own Web Master (Scott) was taking part in the SOF International 3 gun match. He came in 68th in a field of over 250 world class shooters, plus his team took 1st place in the 3 gun team match. Needless to say they were thrilled with their performance. Most everyone left by Sunday evening, Donna and I flew back on Tuesday, so we could get ready for the next show, which I was in charge of.

The first "Casa de Fruta" meet was a MVCC sponsored event that I was in charge of setting up and it was on Oct. 15th thru 18th at Casa de Fruta which is about 6 miles north east of Hollister, Ca. Instead of Rick taking the truck all the way north after Las Vegas, he dropped the truck off at my place. From all the feedback that I got it was a success. When I arrived Thursday afternoon several early birds had already arrived. We had a total of twenty six (26) registrants with a total of seventeen (17) vehicles. The following is a brake down of the vehicles in attendance.

1. Seven Jeeps (2 with trailers)
2. Four trucks (1 LRDG)
3. Three - Unimogs (3 variations)
4. One - Humvee
5. One - Burma Jeep (looked like a truck to me)
6. One - Ambulance

On Friday five vehicles and crews decided to go to the Hollister Hills Off Road Recreational Area, which is located 6 miles south of Hollister. We got there about 12:30 and had lunch before we got started. Lee Hoskins (in his Jeep) and his wife (Nancy - navigating) lead us through some interesting terrain . Rick followed driving the LRDG truck with Steve Goeble in his WC-63 behind us and John Werner in his Unimog behind Steve and Kim Sievert brought up the rear with the Ambulance. Just in case we needed it, which we didn’t. But not to take anything away from Al and his training clinics at other meets we had one of our own in the field . True to LRDG tradition. We had to reattach the truck bed when some bolts became separated. All the mechanical types figured out what to do, while the ladies and I stood around and gave moral support, I did manage to get some pictures. ( I never claimed to be mechanical, although I seem to be changing a lot of combat wheels lately). Pictures to follow.

Saturday was the big day. We lined up at 9:45 AM and almost left on time. We had 15 vehicles in the convoy to the Hollister airport and arrived without mishaps. As we drove in first thing we saw was an F-86 Saber Jet which was almost in the road . We got the vehicles parked as Jerry Gabe was just parking his P-51A Mustang. Jerry then took everyone for a tour of the airport and showed us the many other hidden "War Birds". There was a lot of picture taking of vehicle with the planes , then some folks grabbed some lunch at the "Ding A Ling Caf�". The rest of us headed off for San Juan Batiste for lunch etc. We spent several hours in San Juan (there was a British Car Show in town), and everyone went back individually rather than in convoy. About 50% of those registered attended the "Octoberfest" dinner on Saturday night, which ended at 10:30. I however crashed and burned at 9:30 it was just too exciting of a day for an old timer like me. When I got up Sunday morning several folks had already departed with lots of others getting ready. We said our good-bye and headed home. I was probably home first as I didn’t have far to go. That's one nice thing about having a meet in your back yard.

Then to finish the season we went to the "Great Western Show" which was on Oct. 30th thru Nov. 1st. There were about 15 Military vehicles from the Inland Empire MV Collectors Club. I was a little disappointed in that a lot of the regular supporters for one reason or another were unable to attend. However "Dale Evans" (I know not that Dale Evans) kept guard on the truck Fri. & Sat. night, and Jim Hinkelman, John Billinger, Tony Cone and Stuart Clayman (from Las Vegas) showed up and took turns sitting with the truck so we could enjoy the show. Now we are looking forward to next year. We have had two invitations so far, one was to attend an air show in Riverside in March and the other is to attend the Reno Air Races show next Sept. I'll keep you informed.

Happy Holidays
Rick & Jack

Past & Upcoming Activities of LRDG Preservation Society
August 4, 1998

Well let's see where do I begin? Better yet where did I leave off. Oh yes 4th of July. My wife & I left Monterey Thursday about 3 PM and arrived at Rick's at midnight and after talking several hours got to bed at 2: AM. Friday was dress up the truck day. We did it differently this time as we wanted room in the truck for anyone that wanted to be in the parade. We used the storage boxes as seats and hung as much as possible on the outsides like we always do. It worked out well we ended up with 11 or 12 people on the truck. Even managed to mount Rick's 48 star & strips on the rear firing post.

We did the first parade at Central Point ,Oregon, (just outside Medford) there were about 20 military vehicles from the Southern Oregon MVCC in line with us. After we wowed the crowd (my guess is about 7 to 10 thousand) we convoyed 12 miles to Eagle Point, Or. to form up for the next parade. We had time to go to the bathroom and have a coke before the start of the next parade. This was a longer parade but I don't think there were more than 5 thousand folks (they were just spread out more). Then on the way back all the MV went past the Veterans Domicile were we all drove past and gave them a treat. Then back to Rick's for a barbecue. All in all it was a great day.

Sunday we had a little excitement, Rick had gone into town early and by the time we got there he was in crisis. And after a couple of hours at the ER room they figured out that he was dehydrated. So we got him back on his feet and home then we headed for home. He took the next couple of days off (drank lots of Gatorade and water) and feels like his old self.

Now for up coming events. We'll rest up in August, but then in Sept. it starts. There is Woodson Bridge (Sept. 10,11 & 12), I'll not be able to get there until Friday afternoon on the 11 Th.. Then 12 days later is the Soldier of Fortune show in Las Vegas (Sept. 24, thru 27), and as of right now we are going. Scott Miller (web-master) is participating in the 3 gun match and we hope to be there to cheer him on. The Convention Hotel is the Continental and the room rates are $42.00 per night. The Sands Convention center is the show location and it is LARGE (enough for both a huge gun show plus have room for the MV's). I don't know what the tariff is for admission to the convention. But I'll see if I can find out.

Rick & Jack

Past & Upcoming Activities of LRDG Preservation Society
June 7, 1998

What's that saying? "Time flies when your having fun". Well we must be having one hell of a lot of fun. Because every time I turn around a couple of months have passed me by.  The April Big Bear meet was good, short and sweet. The truck handled well in the parade and we met a few new people. I missed seeing Alan Moore (son of Harry Moore - LRDG). The meet was starting to break up on Saturday afternoon, so we decided to leave early too. We had the able assistance of George Escobedo and his daughter Ann Marie, and old stand by Scott Miller (our Web Master).

I saw a number of our disappointed supporters at the Great Western Show, everyone wanted to know where the truck was. Now that was a quick trip. My wife and I left Monterey Friday at noon, 6 hrs. to LA. Covered the whole gun show Saturday (8 miles of tables), and left about 2 PM on Sunday. I don't want to do that again for awhile. Then on May 17 Th.. we left for Montreal for 2 weeks. We took along our "Butler", as in Rick. He cooked breakfast and several dinner (they were great) and shared in the driving. We saw some interesting Military Vehicles (28) in a private collection while there . For some reason  Donna kept saying "No, NO, NO " as I was drooling over them. This gentlemen had a beautiful restored Half-track, Armored Car, Bren Carrier, plus three CMP (Canadian Military Pattern) Chevy trucks, one complete with British 25 pounder and limber. One of the most unusual, he was working on it when we drove up, was a "tracked" vehicle made by Willys. It is one of six prototypes made by Willys in 1945. It was one of the highlights of the trip for me (not my wife's). We also found some CMP's in a scrap yard with "Combat Wheels" that we have been looking for, but they wanted to sell the complete trucks not just the wheels.

Now coming up next will be the 4 Th. of July weekend at Rick's, he has us scheduled for 2 not 1 parades. One will be in Medford the other is at Eagle Point. He is in charge of this one. Your all welcome to come, bring a tent, Rick has several acres along the river.

Rick & Jack

Past & Upcoming Activities of LRDG Preservation Society
April 2, 1998
Volume 2 No 2

I have been remiss in the timely reporting of the events of the "Celebrate History" program that was held on Presidents day weekend at the South San Francisco Conference Center. But I have been quite busy since then. Anyway we had to have the truck in the hall by 7 PM on Thursday, which was a little tricky because Rick had to drive it down a hallway that was just wide enough to accommodate the truck. Then they set up booths around the truck. We were the only Military Vehicle in the building and it was good we were indoors because the weather was not cooperating very well that weekend. 

There was too much going on to see it all, but we tried. For those of you with web site access, Scott has updated the web pages and there are a bunch of new pictures of the "Celebrate History" as well as some new historical and "other truck" photos. Those of you who don't have access, will just have to wait until I see you at one of the up coming events to see them.

Speaking of up coming events, I have good news and bad news. The bad news is we will not be able to bring the truck to the May "Great Western Show" this year. I know the supports from that area will be disappointed, but I would have only been able to get there by Friday night and had to leave Sunday morning. I can't ask Rick to haul the truck all that way and not be there to help him set it up on Thursday night and take it down on Sunday.

Now the good news, we are planning to take the truck to this years SOF show in Las Vegas. It will be held on Sept. 23, 24, 25 and 26th. More information as I get it. However that's a long way off and the very next up coming show (April 16, 17, 18th) will be at Waterford, CA (Big Bear RV Park) which is 12 miles East of Modesto. We have reservations to arrive on Thursday and will be in space #24 which is on the North West side of the park. We'll be looking for you there!

Rick & Jack

January 1998
Past & Upcoming Activities of LRDG Preservation Society

Well it's official, we have decided to go to the "Celebrate History" show in South San Francisco and are looking for volunteers. If we show up as a unit and get volunteers to help with admissions, security etc. for 2 hours per member, all of us will receive passes for admissions to all activities plus a post banquet party on Sunday night. Admission to the three day event is going to be $60.00 per person. It is on the weekend of Feb. 13, 14 & 15. For anyone who wants to come early (Feb. 12) there will be a customer appreciation and press event aboard the "S.S. Jeremiah O'Brien", which is one of only two operating WW II liberty ships left in the world. For those of you that have internet access check out their web pages at " ". Please let me know if any of you can make it, and I need to know as soon as possible so I can notify the folks at "Celebrate History" and get the necessary passes etc. Anyone coming from the southern part of the state is more than welcome to stay at my guest house before or after the show.

Our own internet page has taken off, Scott (Miller) has done an excellent job on the page, and we are getting a lot of requests to link pages with other re-enactor groups and military dealers, and have tried to accommodate them all. I'll include it again if you missed it last time "".   Some of the supporters have asked in the past what we might need for the truck, and although I have a long want list of big stuff (# 11British radio and a Bagnold sun compass etc.) we could use a couple of Enfield slings and breach covers in khaki color. So don't forget, mark your calendar for President's day weekend, and let me know AS SOON AS POSSIBLE weather you can come to "Celebrate History". 

Best Regards

Jack and Rick

November 1997
Past & Upcoming Activities of LRDG Preservation Society

Well I have lots to say in this newsletter but need to keep it to only 1 page in length. First of all I spent a Saturday afternoon talking with Alan Moore whose father "Harry Moore" was a LRDG member in the LRS (Light Repair Service) his father was one of the "fitters" that kept those truck running. Alan had several pictures of his father and friends plus his Pay book and other documents. Alan was kind enough to let me borrow them (to make copies) and display them at the Great Western Show, and they made an interesting addition to our display. Second I would like to point out that instead of coming to the Great Western Gun Show, Scott (Miller) has got the web page up and running. For those of you that surf the web, our page is located at , please visit it and let me know what you think. I think that Scott did and excellent job.

Third, I would like to thank all those that showed up (in uniform or with their LRDG T-shirts) and helped man the display. (Jim Hinkelman, John Billinger, George Sicre, Chris & Tony Cone & Stuart Clayman). If I missed anyone please accept my apology. Jim took some group photo's and donated some money for gas. (Thanks Jim). We had our Sat. night Pizza bash at Round Table and Sy showed up with all his Tacoma gang. (See last newsletter re: Tacoma Gun Show). We also picked up the Propane Vickers at this show, Rick hopes to have it operational for the show next year.

Speaking of next years shows, I thought that the 1 St. show next year would be Waterford which is usually in April, but there is a new show that is called "Celebrate History" which will be at the South San Francisco Conference Center (2 miles North of San Francisco Airport) which is scheduled for President's day weekend (Feb. 13-15, 1998). This may be our 1 St. show of 1998, and since we have been doing 6 shows a year we may have to drop the Nov. Great Western of 98. More later.

Best Regards

Rick & Jack

Ps Happy Holidays

Volume 1 No. 6
Sept. 23 1997
Past & Upcoming Activities of LRDG Preservation Society

I have to retract a statement that I made in the last newsletter. That we didn't receive any award from the Chevy/GMC truck show. Well I received a small plaque that we had won a "People's Choice Award" for a Special Interest Vehicle. So this is our second award.

The Woodson Bridge show had it's usual bunch of Jeeps, trucks, etc. The LRDG truck ran well in the parade through Corning. We found a British boat compass dated 1942 that I decided to buy because I do have one picture that shows the driver checking his boat compass (according to the IWM caption). That does not mean that I have given up the quest for a "Bagnold Sun Compass". I do believe that one will turn up somewhere, I have everyone looking for one. I have a friend that went to Egypt and told me that she would look for one there.

We had the support of George Escobedo (we met George in July at the Chevy Show in San Jose) and Scott Miller who has been a regular at the shows. Scott is also helping me (he is doing all of the work) set up a web page. When it is up and running I'll let everybody know.

The Tacoma Gun Show was a real treat for me, I flew into Sea/Tac Airport and was picked up by Sy Anderson. Rick unfortunately had a 10 hour haul from his place to the Tacoma show, but I have it on good authority that he had some pleasant company both ways. They put us up in a motel, fed us, passed the hat and raised almost $200,00 in gas money and added to the truck stash (another T-handle shovel & pick). For the number of people that came to the show we had a higher than usual amount of interest in the truck and LRDG display. They provided plenty of space with tables and chairs and if I must say so myself we had one of our best displays. Plus we sold a number of the LRDG T-shirts and added a few names to our LRDG newsletter list.

Rick will be bringing the truck down to my place this weekend, I'll have it until we leave for the Great Western Show on Oct. 23rd. I will be looking forward to see all you LRDG supporters from the southern half of California, Nevada & Arizona at this show.

Best Regards

Jack & Rick

Volume 1 No. 5
Aug. 6, 1997
Past & Upcoming Activities of LRDG Preservation Society

Well we have another Chevy/GMC truck show under our belt. And just like last time we didn’t get any awards because they just don’t know where to class us. But we had a flurry of activity and interest.

I gave several interviews to some magazine reporters, so there is some hope that we may get some more publicity. In fact the Editor/Publisher of "This Old Truck Magazine" said he wants to do a 3 or 4 page story of the truck. He took lots of his own pictures and several that he liked of mine. I lent him copies of Shaw’s "LRDG" book and "The Other Desert War" by Gordon, as he said he wanted some back ground information on the unit and how the trucks were used in North Africa. I will keep you all informed if and when it happens.

We don’t have any shows scheduled in August. Rick plans to come here for a visit on the weekend of the Aug. 16/17 for "Old Time Auto Races" and "Concours de E’legance". In Sept. there are several shows that we plan to attend. The first one will be at Woodson Bridge (Corning, CA) on Sept. 4th thru. 7th.

The following week we will be taking the truck to a Tacoma Gun Show. We had a special invitation from the show promoter who said they would help with some of the expenses. That show is the weekend of Sept. 13th and 14th. And after that on the weekend of Sept. 25th is the Winnemucca Military meet. But I don’t know if Rick and I can make that one.

I have received some WWII New Zealand cigarettes and matches from Chad Ehler (we actually meet up on the internet). He lives in Kirkland, WA and plans to see the truck at the Tacoma Show. They will be displayed with some of the other small items in a case at the shows. Thanks Chad. I also picked up a neat WW I/II Lewis Mag. chest, it needs a little work before it is ready to be displayed on the truck. Anyone know where I can find some of the drum mags that go inside it? Oh well something else to look for at all these shows.

 Best regards

LRDG Preservation Society
Sept. 28, 1996
Past & Upcoming Activities of LRDG Preservation Society

 Dear LRDG Enthusiast:

Well it has been about six weeks since I last wrote. Since that time we went to Woodson Bridge, Sept. 5th thru 7th. The weather was much better than Big Bear in April. The truck was captured by the Germans & Italians (for a photo opportunity) for a short period of time. Rick had the highway tires on the truck so we participated in the convoy through Corning and managed to keep up this time, and the truck ran very well.

We also had a pleasant surprise, in that Chris Cone showed up, for those who don’t know Chris, he has been a long time supporter that moved to Colorado last year. He was in Monterey, California on business (tough work going to the auto races at Laguna Seca and golfing at Quail Lodge). But he did take time out of his busy schedule to drive to Corning and spend some time with us, and we really appreciate it. He even found a few trinkets at the show to hang on the truck.

The following weekend (Sept.14th) we went to the Reno Air Races, my wife has been complaining that we don’t do anything that does not revolve around the truck, and she has always liked the Air Races. We stayed at Rick’s cabin at Donner Lake. She even managed to take in a Quilt show that was in Reno at the same time.

When we were at the Portland show we had been invited to attend Shirley Laird’s annual shindig (Sept. 21st) at the Oregon Dunes outside of North Bend. Shirley has a commercial dune buggy rental business right along the highway, and he invites every one to play in the sand. I didn’t think that I could make it but Rick really wanted to go and see how the truck would do in the dunes, so he talked me into flying up to North Bend on Friday night, (he picked me up at the Airport).

Now I have one of those good news/bad news things. The good news is that the sand channels do work because we did get stuck ( about 50 yards off the road). We then let more air out the tires, dug out and were on our way. Everything was working fine for about 2 miles into the dunes and the engine started to knock do to the strain we were putting on it. Rick didn’t want to throw a rod so we nursed it back to camp and got his Bronco to finish our tour of the dunes. The bad news is that it was an old engine to begin with that we dropped into the chassis, that now has to be rebuilt (Rick tells me that the bearings are all chewed up but that the engine block is OK). Which relates to more bad news in that it won’t be going to Winnemucca and probably won’t be ready for the Great Western Show on Nov. 1st.

LRDG Preservation Society

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