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Sale items help support LRDG projects, travel to shows and the web site! Contact Jack at if you would like to order. Thanks!

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LRDG & Desert Books for Sale (contact Jack 

  1. Barce Raid – Brendan O’Carroll – 2005 Edition – Hard cover/dj – New $48.00 Several copies available

  2. The Battle of Alamein – Bierman & Smith – 2002 Edition – Hard cover/jd – New $25.00 One only

  3. Bearded Brigands – Brendan O’Carroll – 2002 Edition – Soft cover – New $46.00 Several copies available

  4. The Desert Rats – Maj. Gen. Verney – 1990 Edition – Soft cover – Used $7.00  One only

  5. Desert Explorer – Peter Clayton – 1998 Edition – Hard cover/dj -  New $32.00  Two copies available  

  6. G Patrol – Michael Crichton Stuart – 1976 Edition – Hard cover – Used ex library $35.00 One only

  7. In Rommel’s Back Yard – Alastair Timpson – 2000 Edition – Hard cover/dj – some marks $30.00      One only

  8. The Kiwi Scorpions – Brendan O’Carroll – 2008 Edition – Hard cover/dj – New $60.00  Several available

  9. Operation Victory – Maj. Gen. de Guingand – 1947 Edition - Hard cover – Used ex library, some marks $15.00   One only

  10. The Other Desert War – John W. Gordon – 1987 Edition – Hard cover (rare) – some marks $75.00  One only

  11. Providence Their Guide – Maj. Gen. Lloyd Owen – 2003 Edition – Soft cover - Used , some marks $35.00  One only

  12. The Raiders – Desert Strike Force – Arthur Swinson – 1968 Edition – Soft cover - $15.00 Several copies available

  13. With Rommel in the Desert – Heinz Schmidt – 1991 Edition - Hard cover/dj - $20.00  One only

  14. The War History of Southern Rhodesia 1939-45 Vol. 1 – 1947 Edition – Hard cover (rare) - $85.00 One only

  15.  Special Forces in the Desert War – Public Record Office - 2001 Edition – Hard cover/dj - $30.00 One only

  16. The Memoirs of Field. Marshal Montgomery – 1958 Book club Edition – Hard cover/dj - $5.00 One only

Barce_cover_600_pixels_wide.jpg (42907 bytes)
New Book: Barce Raid.
Available for $48.00 Post paid within the U.S.

See Jack's book review below!

"Barce Raid"

Well the author Brendan O’Carroll has done it again. Just when you think that a author has done his best work on a subject, "The Kiwi Scorpions" and "Bearded Brigands", he pulls another "rabbit out of his hat". But I know that there was no magic in this last work, just lots of research and hard work compiling information that he searched world wide about the LRDG raid on Barce.

The Barce raid was the only successful one (of four) planned for the night of September 13-14, 1942. There are already a number of books in print that deal with the other plans that failed, Tobruk, Benghazi & Jalo.

The physical book itself is smaller in size than "The Kiwi Scorpions" but larger than "Bearded Brigands". Measuring eight inches by ten inches, hard-bound and printed on a quality paper containing 168 pages of information and 184 photos (a number of them in color), some of which I had not seen before. But you must remember that I have probably seen more that your average LRDG enthusiast. Regarding the photos, Brendan has incorporated a number of modern photos of the Barce area, taken by Kuno Gross, who has explored many of the old LRDG routes and territories.

Brendan begins with the usual introduction which gives a brief outline of the LRDG and it’s purpose in North Africa. Which is essential for your first time reader of a LRDG book. Followed by the geography of the area involved, history of Libya prior to and during WW II. Chapters 3 through 6 cover the mission, the journey out, the approach to Barce and the Barce defenses. Chapter 7 (one of the longest) deals in detail with the raid on the town and the airfield (with graphics and original aerial photo of Barce) . Chapter 8 describes the diversionary action of G Patrol in the town, while T Patrol attacked the airfield. Chapters 9 through 14 deal with the escapes, air attacks and subsequent march out of the survivors. Chapter 15 discusses the aftermath of the raid. And the final chapter deals with Barce and veterans after the war.

The book does not end here as there are some (9) appendices, covering 36 pages, which contain a wealth of additional information and photos.

Now I don’t know if you have any of Brendan’s other works but this is one you should seriously consider if you a serious student of the LRDG or of WW II unit histories.

Jack Valenti

LRDG Preservation Society

“The Lost Oasis” by Saul Kelly
Published in North America by Westview Press and available from Amazon. COM

 Bearded_Brigands_cover_600_.jpg (56692 bytes)

New book released by Brendan O'Carroll. Click for review. 

Jack has some at $30.00
(Post paid in U.S.)

Sold Out!

My long awaited shipment of "LRDG Rhodesia" books have arrived. The US price is $65.00 post paid. The Publisher is now sold out. Copies are being sold in UK book stores for 45 pounds ($73.00 plus postage).

This new book deals with the story about the Rhodesian who served with the LRDG. Click link above for review. If you want one email me (Jack) at

LRDG Book!
"The Kiwi Scorpions"

Publisher, Token Publishing Ltd.
Author, of , Brendan O'Carroll

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Sold Out
"The Kiwi Scorpions" by Brendan O'Carroll - Published 2000

Excerpt from "The Kiwi Scorpions" cover page!

Cap Badges -  $15.00 + $1.00 Postage
Shoulder Flashes - $15.00 + $1.00 Postage
Custom Mouse Pads - $20.00 + $2.00 Postage (your photo or ours)
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For Sale - New
Several Copies available
Long Range Desert Group by Shaw
1989 Reprint - Hard Bound

$30.00 Plus $2.00 Postage

Several copies available.
"Desert Raiders" by Arthur Swinson
1968 Publication by Ballantine Books
$15.00 plus $1.00 postage

LRDG T-Shirts!

T-shirts - All sizes available $15.00 + $2.50 Postage

One copy only "The Phantom Major" by Virginia Cowles
1958 edition.
Nice Dust Cover $30.00 Plus $2.00 Postage

Repro Cap Badge $15.00 plus $1.00 postage

New Zealand Flashes $15.00 per pain plus $1.00 postage

LRDG Shoulder Flashes $15.00 per pair and $1.00 Postage


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