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First photo: Clinton Long and Paul Lincoln's F30 Ford in LRDG pattern. He was my first contact in England. Paul had the honor of taking his truck to the LRDG association reunion in 1996. Third Photo: David Lloyd Owen (last commander of LRDG) inspects 1928 Thompson.

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First photo: Early stage of Adrian Brown's 1942 Chevy in England. Adrian started his vehicle about the same time we did in 1992. Unfortunately he had to use the chassie and running gear from his 1939 Chevy that he had already restored. Second photo: Biggin Hill Battle of Britain Show (1997) "best of show" parked next to U.S.A. Chevy 4x4. Third photo: crowd - line parade (Biggin Hill '97). Fourth photo: Rear view showing Browning HMG aircraft pattern.


First photo: Cab detail showing flat-faced cowl with sun compass in middle of dash. Aero screens raised (Adrian Brown's 1942 Chevy).


First photo: David Lloyd Owen CO LRDG 1943 to 1945 in wheelchair, Sgt. "Blondie" Duncalfe (G Patrol) standing. LRDG memorial over his right shoulder. Extreme right lady Freberg. To left Guards Chaplain. Middle two photos: Adrian Brown's Chevy at LRDG Re-union 1997. Second row photos: Memorial dedication service sheet.


Clinton Long and Paul Lincoln's F30 Ford: We were asked to go to Hylands House at Chelmsford, the wartime HQ of the SAS, for them to take some pictures of Wartime Raiding Vehicles. Includes desert and European SAS jeeps. Fourth photo: Ernie Phillips SAS jeep (Arlington Texas 1997).


Clinton Long and Paul Lincoln's F30 Ford: At Duxford Air Show 1996.



Letter from the LRDG Association in England and obituary of LRDG member Major John Timpson..

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