Modern Desert Units
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Mr. Valenti,

I frequent your site often, as I have developed a lot of interest in the LRDG over the years.  I am in the Marine Corps' light armored vehicle community, and just wanted to share a photo with you of an LAV in Al Anbar Province, Iraq (2005), outside of the Euphrates River city of Hit.  My battalion spent 7 months in the vast expanses of western Iraq, and I just wanted to share the photo with you as a comparison to photos of the LRDG you have on your site.  This one looks almost as it could have been taken from the pages of LRDG Rhodesia, which I just acquired, although the vehicle is definitely different. Rest assured sir, desert warriors are holding true to the cause, and continue to conduct themselves in good order!

Semper Fidelis,

Maj Jon A. Custis
Company D, 4th Light Armored Reconnaissance Battalion

Eight Bells 2.jpg (89885 bytes)Eight Bells 3 Flimsy.jpg (110705 bytes)Eight Bells 4.jpg (174497 bytes)Eight Bells 5 Fuel Dump.jpg (86700 bytes)Eight Bells 6.jpg (99158 bytes)

Eight Bells 7 - Fuel Dump.jpg (171269 bytes)Eight Bells 8 - Ration Dump.jpg (168586 bytes)Eight Bells 9.jpg (192404 bytes)Eight Bells 9b Desert Truck.jpg (134384 bytes)Eight Bells.jpg (72160 bytes)

I received these from Richard Head - He was on a Motorbike tour of the desert and came across "Eight Bells Landing Ground" established by the LRDG.

From an LRDG enthusiast: 

It's funny how things never change. I am sending you a few photos from Afghanistan and Iraq. The Iraq photos will be attached to this e-mail then I'll break the A-stan photos up because of their size. The Afghanistan pics are from a mounted reconnaissance mission just south of Khandahar in Dec of 2001. The Iraq photos are from the western desert this past spring. I was the ground force commander for the reconnaissance mission near Khandahar the Iraq photos are of another company in my battalion. I just thought you my be interested.


Sand Storm - from TC #7.JPG (12187 bytes)
Tail end of a Sandstorm - WWII North Africa LRDG unit

Photo above is from WWII LRDG vet "Titch Cave" who now lives in South Africa. See more photos from Titch under "WWII LRDG units in the field" section.

Sandstorm near Karbala, Iraq - 3/25/03 U.S. Army unit

Look familiar? Desert conditions haven't changed much in the past 50 plus years.

History repeats itself!

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