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Below are photos of WWII LRDG units operating in North Africa. Source is the Imperial War Museum, London England. Clicking on any one thumbnail will display all photos in that particular row.

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LRDG Ford Truck


Cheytrucks.JPG (12687 bytes)

Ford verses Chevy Truck race?
Looks like the Chevy's brought up the rear even back in the 1943 desert classic 500.

Below is an early 1940 LRDG Chevy found in the Libyan Desert in 1984. This only known surviving LRDG WWII vehicle is now resting in the Imperial War museum in London. During the war damaged vehicles were cannibalized for parts if they could not be towed to safe areas. Other vehicles that survived the war were probably pressed in to service in North African oil fields.

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I got these from a contact in Italy. His name is Giancarlo Negro. He said that these were found in Wadi Wassa, South of Gilf Kebir. Last pic is engine block from destroyed truck.

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Photo's from James Porter from Scotland on a recent trip to Libya. The truck is reported to be "LRDG" found in the desert fully loaded in 1991. Started in 1991 with a new battery and tires. James is standing in front of the tank.



A note from Hanno Spoelstra as posted in our guest book:

Name: Hanno Spoelstra
Email: hl.spoelstra@inter.nl.net
Date: 22 Feb 2002
Time: 06:25:06

Hi, the CMP Ford F60L truck James Porter pictured in Libya (photo above on far right) actually resides at the El Alamein Museum gardens in Egypt, according to Andras on the http://www.lrdg.de forum.

1940's vintage Chevy. Photos from Mike Kelly!



Hello jack.

Thanks for your information. I ordered today and will let you know if something arrives.  Attached you will find some photographs about italian forts raided by the lrdg. Fort Mizdah:  italian fort is a police station now, large new military area near the city. Would be to strong armed for the lrdg. The building of the airstrip still exists, but it seems not to be in use any more. Fort Ngem: small city near the fort. Fort is free for a visit. Fort is direct at the main road from bu grain to hun. Maybe still mined (buerat mine field). Fort Tagrifit: North of Zillah oasis, near Gani oil fields. The place is deserted now, since it is not any more the crosspoint of important caravan tracks. Easy to reach by car via gani oil field camps. Not sure, if special permission is necessary (oil pass). try it.

Best regard, Kuno

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As promised, some of the photos that I have found. I chose the ones that are clear and had writing on the back. Maybe someone out there gets to see a relative in the pics. I have inserted the notations as they appear on the back of the pics. I enlarged them for clarity. Hope they are of use to you and the site.

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wpe9.jpg (3538 bytes)  Waco - from TC #4.JPG (6470 bytes)  Chevy - from TC #5.JPG (16689 bytes)  Titch Cave #2.JPG (19637 bytes)
~max0002.JPG (15627 bytes)  Ford - from TC #6.JPG (10678 bytes)  Sand Storm - from TC #7.JPG (12187 bytes)

Photos above are from an original LRDG member that now lives in South Africa. His name is "Titch Cave" and he's mentioned in a number of the LRDG books.

Photo #1: David Lloyd Owen, note that the vehicles are Fords.
Photo #2: Waco, LRDG Air Force
Photo #3: No caption
Photo #4: Titch Cave is on the right. Sparks is on the left? Looking at a newspaper.
Photo #5: Titch is on the right. Jock Macay on far left and Micky Coombs is in the middle.
Photo #6: Ford 15 cwt. Stuck
Photo #7: Tail end of a Sand Storm


FordofYpatrol.JPG (30668 bytes)

Sever "Fords of Y Patrol"
Source Marjorie Springford


CheyatNile.JPG (31461 bytes)

Lone Chevy along the Nile
Source Marjorie Springford


PartofYpatrol.JPG (37853 bytes)

Part of Y Patrol April/May 1941
Source Marjorie Springford

On truck left to right: Davies; Wise - gunner;
Standing in front, left to right: Alan Dennif - 2nd navigator; 'Hutch'
Hutchins - gunner; Hurst; 'Scotty' - fitter; Arthur Arger - gunner; John
Miller Kerr - fitter/driver; Stan 'Sandy' Sandle - RAMC; Bartlett -
driver; sgt 'Carney' Carningham - fitter/driver/gunner; Harry Chard -
gunner/driver; Dawes - gunner; 'Ali' Barber - signaller; 'Lofty' Carr -
patrol navigator; 'Jungle' Graham - gunner.

I have received a story from “Titch” Cave, who was with Y patrol. It is the story, of his capture and escape during action in March and April 1941. It is a fairly long story, thirty some pages, so it will take some time to post all of it (see link below). It was typed as dictated by Jim Patch (Sect. of the LRDG Association). I have made no alterations or corrections.


Story of the escape by Cave, A.H. (Titch) #555729 (funny how you remember your old army numbers) together with Alf Potter of the Australian Army. It just happened that we landed up in the same place (Derna POW camp)..

wpe34.jpg (15311 bytes)


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