Awards won at recent shows, meets and parades

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San Francisco Veterans Day Parade 2001, Antique Car 1st place award.

Sometime ago I received a reprinted copy of "The Two Types" . A series of cartoons that was orginally published in the "8th Army News". The gentleman that "donated" wanted see some of the best ones on the web page. Click the jpeg to see full size.

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1996 MVPA Oregon show 1st motor pool class, Yreka car show 1998 1st modified class sport and exotic and 1997 Chevy truck show in San Jose "Peoples Choice - Special Interest" award.

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1999 MVPA national convention in San Jose California. Won first place in "Motor Pool" ready and "Best Overall Display".

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Riverside Air Show, March 1999 "Best Motor Pool" and a 2nd place award at the July 3rd parade in Seaside California.

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