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Updated: 03/06/14
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Please email ( pictures and descriptions of LRDG related modeling projects!


Build review for the Dragon 1/72 Long Range Desert Group Patrol w/2cm cannon by John Kelley. Click the link below to read the full review.

 Matchbox 1/76  Chevy
Harvey Low

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A couple of photos from Sean Dunnage

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Hi,I have picture for you;

Colonne Leclerc compagne de Fezzan

Best regards from Italy

Stefano Badalucco

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Here is a S.A.S. Model from Denmark modeler. His name is Jesper Pedersen.

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Hi Jack,
 As a New Zealand modeler, interested in the history of the LRDG your site is of particular interest to me. Great work!

Some time ago I sent a photo of my 1533X2 LRDG Chevrolet 'Te Aroha III'; since then I've taken some better ones: (see above)
As many of the details on the model as possible have been gleaned from photos of Te Aroha III found in Brendan O'Carroll's books on the LRDG; the armament is based on photos of other LRDG vehicles, along with a written account from Brendan's 'Barce Raid' in which the attack on the airfield is described.
When I have more time I'll be building a base...

Keep up the great work.


Jeff W.

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From Harlan.

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Diorama made by Carlos Luis Magan Cortes and Jose Antonio Magan Cortes. Patrol of Chevrolet trucks travel by different ways, and communicate between trucks by signal flags. In this way they don't use radio, that could inform on its presence to enemy. Ground volume is a piece of cork, with sand and stones. High grass is Woodland scenes field grass. Short grass is Noch prairie grass. All material are glued with carpentry glue. Tamiya kit is highly recommended and includes two figures and a lot of accessories. All diorama is painted with Humbrol enamels. We invite to you to visit our modest website about dioramas in

Some photos of Brendan O'Carroll's 1/6 scale LRDG jeep model. Not only does he find time to write books about the LRDG, he has time to make models too.

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From Michael Walsh

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From Abilio Pineiro

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Here is a LRDG Diorama submitted by Ed Kennedy

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