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Dec 9th 2017


            I usually have good news and report with some photos of this year’s events. but on this date I lost one of my best friends; Rick Butler, who succumbed to my wishes in building a LRDG truck, as passed away. I have known him longer than I have been married (50 years); in fact he was the best man at our wedding.

If you look at some of the photos on these many pages you will find him and me at some of the many events that we participated in over these years. Over these past few years his health had deteriorated to the point where he was unable to bring the truck to any events. 

It was one of the deciding factors in my decision to donate the T-8 truck to the Eagle Field Foundation (which was accomplished this November).



Thanks for your continued support.


Jack, Kim, and all of the members of the LRDG Preservation Society 




"In Memory of George Sicre – July 14th 1939 to Sept. 2nd 2012"

The LRDG Preservation Society has lost a Life Member, a strong supporter and a true personal friend.

George passed away on Sunday Sept 2nd after bout with cancer. I have looked back to when I first met George; he had come up to our LRDG Truck display back in 1994 at the Great Western Gun Show and he had ask if he could “hang out with us”, as he had always been a real fan of the Long Range Desert Group.

Since that time he had become a great personal friend and supporter of my efforts with the LRDG Preservation Society. The Great Western was twice a year event until it was discontinued back in 1999. George lived in Palm Desert so consequently we only got together a few times each year but kept in contact via e-mails and the telephone.

After the Great Western was cancelled he joined us at many other different events over the years. In 2004 he met us in Las Vegas for the Veteran’s Day Parade and was my “Gunner” in my newly acquired LRDG Jeep.

Again in 2006 he came and spent a week at our guest house and we did two events back to back; the Castroville “Artichoke” Parade, where it decided to pour buckets on us just as the parade ended, and we drove home (30 miles) in the rain (with no top). And the following week we did the Watsonville Air Show; the weather was much better, cold driving in an open vehicle but at least it was not raining on us.

Then in April of the following year (2007) we went south and little closer to George’s stomping grounds, to the “History of Heroes” in Bakersfield event. It was there that we met Bill Irwin (from Lucerne Valley) and Javier Villalobos (from Ensenada).

The year 2008 was a busy one for all of us as we got together three times. The “crème de la crème” was in Jan 2008 when we spent four days at Dumont Dunes doing a promotional video for the Author Steven Pressfield for his book “Killing Rommel”. I just couldn’t believe how cold it was during the nights we camped out there. But during the day as we were standing around waiting for our “curtain calls” it wasn’t too bad. Then after the shoot we went up to China Date Ranch to get our own shots of the vehicles in an “Oasis” with “palm trees around”.

That same year he again caught up with us at the MVCC meet in Lodi in April and then in August he flew into Portland, Or. for the MVPA Convention in where he helped setup our display and then help carry off all of our hard won awards.

In 2009 we managed to get together twice; once again he came to Monterey in May for the Castroville Artichoke Parade (the weather was much better that year) and then in Oct. Rick and I brought both vehicles down to the LA area for the

Marching Thru History event.

We only managed to get together once in 2010 and that was at the California Historical Groups Desert Battle at Stoddard Valley in April; where he had to tow my jeep back to the trailer when it “crapped out” with carburetor trouble. I think it was at that event that he and I decided that we were the oldest “duffers” there.

He made the Chino Air Show with Kim and the rest of S-Patrol in May of 2011 but I wasn’t able to attend. I think that he left early as he wasn’t feeling well and that was part of his loosing bout with cancer.

I am especially glad that George took the time back in 1994 to come forward to just “hang out with us” for all of these year.

Your Friend Always


LRDG Preservation Society



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